Member Spotlight: Trim Down and Tone Up for Sturgis Rally

Vicki On her Harley

The Sturgis Rally starts on August 6 and thanks to Wellbeats, Vicki feels stronger and more fit as she prepares to participate for the first time.

Vicki hadn’t seen her sister for a couple of weeks. “She walked up to me and said, ‘You’ve lost weight!’” says Vicki. “I said no, not a lot.” But her sister replied, “’I can definitely tell.’ It was so nice to hear.”

Vicki Movrich
Vicki Movrich

In fact, Vicki, a Client Executive with Marsh & McLennan Agency in Minneapolis, has lost 10 pounds since she started using Wellbeats and learned about healthy snacking. “The first video I watched is what started me off [on a better path],” says Vicki. “I’m a big snacker after work.”

Wellbeats’ Nourish channel caught her attention the first time she logged in, and she watched the video 10 Easy Snacks For On-The-Go. “Now I concentrate on a lot of fruits for snacks, and certain nuts, like almonds. I’ve also learned to use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. It’s such a good swap … how come I never knew about that? I was shocked at how good it tastes in place of sour cream.”

Getting in shape for Sturgis Rally

When asked if she is working toward a health goal, the answer was a surprise: “I’m going to Sturgis in August,” says Vicki. “I learned to ride my own motorcycle last summer, so this summer I’m going to the Sturgis Rally.” The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is held annually in Sturgis, South Dakota. The event takes place over 10 days and typically attracts around 500,000 motorcycle enthusiasts.

Vicki on her Harley
Vicki with her Harley preparing for Sturgis

“I wanted to feel better about myself and lose a little weight … work on toning my arms because my bike is pretty heavy.”

Office Breaks classes help reduce stress

The other channel Vicki has used is Office Breaks. “I hold a lot of stress in my neck and shoulders,” Vicki explains. “I like the classes that are 5 minutes or less, with stretches you can do in your chair. Afternoons are usually my most stressful, so that’s when I try to take a little break to do a class.”

What does Vicki like best about Wellbeats? “It’s so easy to use,” says Vicki. “I can use it anytime on my phone, even on vacation. And the videos are really good. I like the trainers.”

Wellbeats is happy to have helped you trim down and tone up for Sturgis, Vicki. Have a great trip!