January 20, 2022

Meredith is looking to be "Armed and Ready" for her son's wedding

For Meredith, a Network Program Management Specialist at a large insurance company, Wellbeats classes are not only helping tone her arms for her son’s upcoming wedding, they also provide behavioral benefits. “When I’ve done the Armed and Ready class I feel like I don’t want to cheat the rest of the day. I make better choices,” says Meredith. “I’ve already done this great workout and I’m making good small changes. I don’t want to ruin my progress. I love that.”

Wellbeats Champions test Wellbeats app

Meredith is among about 20 wellbeing champions who tested Wellbeats before the program was rolled out to the organization. “The wellbeing champions help spread the word about doing Wellbeats classes to earn points toward the company match,” she says.

Meredith started doing Wellbeats classes during her lunch break as a way to incorporate exercise into her workday. “One of the first things I thought was amazing is the ability to do a quick chair yoga session. I may not have 20 minutes for a class, but I can do 5 minutes of stretching or yoga between meetings. That’s what really started me looking at the Wellbeats platform.”

Armed and Ready is a favorite

“I absolutely love Elizabeth’s 20-minute Armed and Ready class, to help give you strong, sculpted arms,” says Meredith. “She’s easy to follow and very personable. She doesn’t do anything too vigorous. It’s a great upper body workout for beginners; quick and effective. And you look at her arms and that’s exactly how I’d like mine to look; she’s got amazing arms (chuckle).”

Nutrition videos provide healthy options

Another Wellbeats category Meredith enjoys is nutrition. “I really like Chef Daniel Green and his healthy recipe options,” says Meredith. “His accent really drew me in.” Chef Green is originally from England. “I’ve watched his Poke Bowl video a couple of times and shared it with my husband. I like that he uses healthy substitutes – instead of rice use cauliflower rice – it’s going to taste the same and you’re going to save on those calories and carbs.”

Memories of home

Wellbeats even gives Meredith a taste of her northern roots. “I really like the River View class with Coach Carrie. I’m originally from New York and I miss the fall colors. The scenery is absolutely beautiful.”

Greatest benefits

The greatest benefit of Wellbeats to Meredith is the variety of classes. “Whether you’re like me and you have one specific goal (toning her arms), or you’re a runner, or you just need a break in the middle of the day, there is so much content and literally something for everyone.” In addition to fitness and nutrition, Wellbeats offers mindfulness, meditation, and mental health classes. “I love that there is so much content. I don’t feel bored with the same workout, and not losing interest is a plus.”

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