More Than 44,500 Total Class Play Minutes

Girl doing exercise on mat

Wellbeats applauds more than 120 companies that joined us throughout June to celebrate Pride Month by playing more than 44,500 total class minutes in the Show Your Pride challenge!

This was the largest event sponsored to-date by Wellbeats’ Diversity and Inclusion Committee with thousands of employees helping us to call attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion all month long. Note: Show Your Pride is a Wellbeats challenge available year-round for companies wanting to celebrate PRIDE any time of the year.

Top Wellbeats Channel

More than 450 yoga and Pilates classes in the Fusion channel were played by Show Your Pride participants in June.

Fusion Yoga Channel
The Fusion Channel

The Fusion channel features a unique blend of yoga and Pilates that helps improve your mind-body connection while building stronger, leaner muscles. Wellbeats members can click here to try Fusion classes.

Top Wellbeats Class

The top-played class in the challenge was Ladder Up! with Alex.

Feel your heart rate rise and fall in this fast-paced, circuit-style workout! This HIIT routine includes exercises to keep you on your toes as your heart rate climbs up and down like a roller coaster. No equipment needed!

Ladder Up Class
Ladder Up! Class from Wellbeats

Here’s what Wellbeats members said about Ladder Up!

“Alex is the Best!”

“Great instruction and motivation.”

“Nice/quick exercise!”

Diverse Instructors

Jeremiah Lewis-Walker helped us create the Wellbeats Vibe channel and is also an enthusiastic supporter of Pride Month.  Vibe classes were in the top 10 classes played during the challenge. Try a Vibe class today.

Party On Class
Party On! Class from Wellbeats

Here’s what Wellbeats members said about Party On!

“It was awesome!”

“Jeremiah is fantastic.”

“Fun and cool dance moves.”

Check out Jeremiah’s story in the Wellbeats blog.

DE&I Committee Applauds Results

“We plan to make this an annual corporate event,” says Jen Zygmunt, Chief Revenue Officer and executive sponsor of the committee. “Plus – we were so encouraged by the support and participation in the Pride Challenge that we decided to leave the challenge on our platform year-round for members to participate whenever they want.”

The Show Your Pride challenge is the largest event in June as part of the committee’s calendar of diverse observances and celebrations to keep DE&I visible all year long. The committee also is working on unconscious bias training for all employees and helping the leadership team improve diverse hiring practices. Wellbeats will post updates on our blog and keep clients apprised of future initiatives in which they can take part.

Wellbeats invites you to stay tuned as we expand DE&I initiatives to benefit us all.