February 15, 2023

Move with Heart This February

In honor of American Heart Month, a time for everyone to focus on their cardiovascular health, Wellbeats invites members to join the Move with Heart program this month.

This four-week program rotates through a combination of cardio, strength training, and yoga classes to help you take care of your heart. Three classes per week focus on elevating your heart rate, relieving stress, and boosting your mood.

Classes are instructed by Wellbeats instructors who encourage and motivate you every step of the way. Minimal equipment is required (yoga mat and blocks are optional), and all classes are just 30 minutes or less!

Move with Heart Program Overview

The program begins with Wellbeats instructor Jodee T. leading you through Fighter Circuit. This class covers five rounds of a cardio circuit using kicks and punches to engage your core. Then you’ll test your flexibility in Heart Openers with Wellbeats instructor Suan S. Round out the week with cardio intervals led by Wellbeats instructor Christy B. in Strength & Cardio Circuit.

Fighter Circuit with Jodee T.
Fighter Circuit with Jodee T.

Week two includes a HIIT workout called Bring It Tabata with Wellbeats instructor Mark K., a challenging core workout called Sweet Sixteen with Wellbeats instructor Elizabeth S., and a round of kickboxing. The third week of the program balances high and low intensity workouts with HIIT Cardio, Gentle Yoga, and Beat Down.

You’ll cap off the program in week for with Cardio Core, a complete workout for your heart and core with cardio pushes between each core exercise, a yoga-Pilates blend in Move Your Spine with Wellbeats instructor Tina M., and an intense, calorie-blasting workout in HIIT & Tabata.

Already a Wellbeats member? Join the Move with Heart program now.

Sweet Sixteen with Elizabeth S.
Sweet Sixteen with Elizabeth S.

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