November 18, 2021

Find Your Fit: New Class Series for Exercise Beginners and Those In a Rut

Are you just getting started exercising or are you in a rut? Turn your mindset around and learn the movements that feel good for you and your body and set you on a path to real results!

Wellbeats is excited to announce a brand-new series of eight progressive classes that will teach people multiple ways to do basic strength and cardio movements so that they discover those that feel good and they will keep on doing (because, as instructor Katie Haggerty says: “One of the biggest inhibitors for people starting out in a workout program is: ‘It doesn’t feel good to me.’ So, therefore, they don’t do it.”)

Katie is here to help Wellbeats members overcome this roadblock.

Instructor Katie Haggerty

Wellbeats partnered with Katie, co-founder of The Move For Good, a virtual fitness platform, to develop the Find Your Fit Program because our research shows that 82% of Wellbeats members consider themselves “not fit” when they begin with Wellbeats.

Even if you’ve been exercising for a while, these classes blend the science and psychology of effective strength and cardio training to give everyone solid building blocks. “This series will give members everything they need to kickstart their fitness journey at any stage,” says Katie.

The program is built in two phases of four classes each. Katie recommends that members progress through Phase I over two weeks to gain a foundation and find options that work best for them.

Phase I

“This phase is meant to teach foundational principles of strength and cardio movements,” Katie explains. “For example, how to do a squat. I teach multiple ways to do each of the moves so that they find out what works well for them.”

The progressive classes in Phase I include:

  1. Lower Body Strength
  2. Upper Body Strength
  3. Low Impact Cardio
  4. Mobility & Recovery

Katie starts slowly so that even those who do not have a lot of endurance can complete the moves. “It’s part of metabolic conditioning and I programmed the classes scientifically with no impact, like high-intensity jumping, so that anyone can do it. The series blends my personal training background and my science background in kinesiology and provides enough modifications and options so that everyone can learn the moves that are not only doable but fun.”

Phase II

Once you get the basics down, put your news skills to work employing AMRAP (as many reps as possible). “This phase gives people the opportunity to see that their endurance is increasing, their strength is increasing, and their power output starts increasing. In more simple terms, you now have more energy to do more life, and to feel good doing it,” says Katie. The four classes include:

  1. Lower Body Strength 2 (AMRAP)
  2. Upper Body Strength 2 (AMRAP)
  3. Low Impact Cardio 2
  4. Calm Gentle Yoga

Central to the entire class series is inclusivity. “I am obsessed with making classes accessible to everyone,” says Katie. “I designed these classes to enable people to find the most basic levels and progressions within each workout, and to not ever experience the same class twice.” She reminds people regularly to mix it up and “don’t ever forget to have fun.”

In Phase II Katie brings more of her infectious positive attitude and motivation – you can’t help but smile!

Track your progress

If you like seeing evidence of your progress, Katie encourages you to do so in Phase II. “I teach the moves, and then members can do them however they show up that day. So, for example, a member writes down that they completed three sets in 3 minutes. The next time they may see that they did two more sets in the same timeframe.”

Get moving and enjoy life

“We have this stigma that working out is a nuisance or a time crunch,” says Katie. “But we each have only one body; it’s how we get to experience this life.”

Instead of hiding behind excuses such as “I don’t have time” or “I can’t really move that well,” Katie guides you in educational and motivational ways to learn moves that are easy and fun to do repeatedly so that you build strength, endurance, and mobility – and, most importantly, your own understanding of your strength and a shift in mindset from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can.’ “That’s what movement is for,” she says. “To have the energy to do the hike you want to do and to get from point A to point B and see the people you want to see … to do what’s important to you and enjoy life!”

Wellbeats members: Start by watching Find Your Fit Intro for an overview of the program.