November 18, 2022

Putting Out the Flame with Wellbeats and Launch My Health

People are often surprised to learn that chronic inflammation is the root cause of many nagging symptoms and chronic conditions—everything from diabetes and heart disease to high blood pressure, gut issues, and more.

The Putting Out the Flame program is available through Wellbeats’ partnership with Launch My Health.

In Putting Out the Flame, one of six nutrition and culinary programs available through Wellbeats’ partnership with food as medicine company Launch My Health, registered dietitian Megan Green outlines lifestyle and nutrition interventions that promote weight loss and improve insulin resistance to help reduce chronic inflammation and related conditions. You’ll learn how the nutrients you get from specific foods can reduce and improve inflammation.

Understanding Inflammation

Inflammation is your body’s response to an injury or an offending agent. There are two types of inflammation: acute inflammation and chronic inflammation. Both types impact your health.

  • Acute inflammation is your body’s protective response to an injury; your immune system is activated, and once you’re healed, your body returns to normal.
  • Chronic inflammation occurs when your body goes through the emergency responder process but does not return to homeostasis, increasing your risk for infection, illness, and damage to your cells and tissue.

Signs and symptoms of chronic inflammation include elevated blood sugar, gut issues, fatigue, skin conditions, gingivitis, swelling, brain fog, and visceral fat. Chronic inflammation also increases your risk for diabetes, obesity, neurological diseases, heart disease, autoimmune disease, stroke, and rheumatic disease, and the list goes on!

Registered dietitian Megan Green
Launch My Health registered dietitian Megan Green leads the Putting Out the Flame program.

Enroll in Putting Out the Flame Now

Putting Out the Flame is designed to help you fight inflammation with food and learn key nutrition strategies to prevent and manage chronic disease. Discover ways to ditch chronic inflammation in your body and support your immune system, skin, joints, hormones, gut, energy, and more.

In Putting Out the Flame, you’ll learn the key aspects of the Cardiometabolic Food Plan, created by the Institute for Functional Medicine. You’ll learn how to implement simple ways to help improve your symptoms today and manage or prevent chronic inflammation in the future!

This program focuses on key strategies of the Cardiometabolic Food Plan:

  • Eating a modified Mediterranean diet, designed to reduce inflammation in your body
  • Adding in healthy fats
  • Incorporating key micronutrients
  • Balancing blood sugar

All six of Launch My Health’s evidence-supported programs are built on the belief that food is at the core of health and wellbeing. Each program, including Putting Out the Flame, includes recipes, meal plans, and comprehensive workbooks. Already a Wellbeats member? Enroll in Putting Out the Flame now.

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