December 3, 2019

Wellbeats Adds 16 New Workouts to Help Relieve Holiday Stress

Wellbeats instructor Kim W. leads HIIT the Sun Class

Looking for a way to take time for yourself? Wellbeats is releasing 16 brand-new workouts to help you relieve some stress this holiday season.

This includes:

  • 4 circuits targeting lower back strength, knee mobility, and core
  • 3 running workouts coached by Olympian Carrie Tollefson
  • 2 kickboxing classes for reducing stress and improving coordination
  • Ballet-inspired barre routine for strong, lean legs
  • Yoga sculpting class for toning your entire body
  • and more!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s new on Wellbeats:

1. Barre Legs | 20 minutes

This barre class focuses all on legs! With ballet-inspired movements, Tina will help you sculpt, lift, and tone your lower body in just 20 minutes.


2. HIIT the Sun | 20 minutes

Ready to get your heart rate up? This unique yoga class includes a combination of sun salutations and HIIT exercises with yoga-inspired movements.

Yoga, Cardio

3. Yoga Fire | 20 minutes

Grab a pair of hand weights and get ready to fire up your muscles! This 20-minute yoga sculpt class will help connect your mind and body while building strength and mobility.

Yoga Sculpt

4. Intense Pilates | 20 minutes

Ready to take it to the next level? This intermediate-to-advanced Pilates class will challenge your stability while focusing on breath and engaging your abdominal muscles.


5. 15-Minute Strength | 15 minutes

Build strength in just 15 minutes! This short, full-body circuit includes exercises to tone your entire body with just a pair of dumbbells.

Circuits, Strength Training

6. Lower Back Strength & Mobility

Feeling stiff in your lower back? This 15-minute circuit will help build strength and improve your posture and mobility while relieving tension or tightness in your lower back.

Circuits, Strength Training

7. 10-Minute Plank Power | 10 minutes

Ready to power up your core? This 10-minute, bodyweight-only circuit focuses on strengthening your entire midsection with a variety of plank exercises.

Circuits, Strength Training

8. Knee Mobility & Leg Strength | 25 minutes

Looking to build lower body strength and mobility? This 25-minute circuit targets your knees and legs using just a pair of dumbbells.

Circuits, Strength Training

9. Sunrise Run | 25 minutes

Rise up and get ready to sweat! This early-morning run is great to wake up and energize your body. Includes 9 intervals (90 seconds hard, 90 seconds easy).


10. River View Run | 20 minutes

Run alongside Coach Carrie and beautiful river scenery in this 20-minute workout. Includes a 4-minute warmup, then 4 intervals (2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy) followed by a 4-minute cooldown.


11. Sun Surging | 25 minutes

Have some fun with surges! This 25-minute workout includes quick, 1-minute surges followed by 4 minutes at an easy pace.


12. Light Up Your Core | 20 minutes

Get ready to ignite those abs! This kickboxing workout includes movements to engage your midsection while improving stability and coordination.


13. Stress Relief | 20 minutes

Need to relieve some stress? This fun cardio workout includes kickboxing moves to elevate your heart rate and boost your mood.


14. Put the Pedal Down | 30 minutes

Put the pedal down and get ready to rev up your metabolism! This 30-minute, action-packed interval ride focuses on a combination of speed, power, and strength.


15. Upper Body Boom | 20 minutes

Burn out that upper body! This workout will challenge your balance while toning your chest and shoulders using a dumbbell and resistance band.


16. Strong Momentum | 23 minutes

This workout challenges your strength and cardiovascular fitness with intervals of bodyweight-only exercises. Includes 45 seconds of movement, with 15 seconds of recovery for a quick and efficient workout.

HIIT, Cardio

Here is a full list of new classes in the latest December Content Release.

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