REV-ing Up for Spring

Spring is around the corner, and cyclists don’t just wait for outdoor riding weather – they train for it! Whether you’re interested in participating in cycling races this spring, or just getting yourself to peak fitness ability – now is the time to start thinking about those sunnier days.

Wellbeats Rev classes are not your traditional studio cycling class, which most often focus on helping you break a sweat or keeping you entertained. When it comes to changing your body and your abilities, particularly if you’re a competitor, a little sweat won’t cut it. And neither will gimmicky moves or equipment.

Our Rev performance cycling Format uses athletic training techniques, and simulates real outdoor racing scenarios to change your body – whether you’re actually preparing for a race or not. The same biomechanics are applied to the bike racer as the fitness enthusiast, and the results you can expect are the same: bodies that metabolize fat more efficiently and can go longer, faster, and stronger.

We focus on the specifics of performance cycling training: pace, intensity/exertion ratios to master speed, strength and power – necessary components to give you that cycling edge and optimize your athletic performance, while keeping you injury free. Our Rev Format offers a wide variety of classes with emphasis on the different aspects of cycling to vary your training weekly, from hill days to endurance rides, time trials, interval training and recovery rides.  The classes are designed so that whether you have 20 minutes or 50, you can get an efficient workout. Our 20 minute classes are designed for expediency and the intensity is high. Our 35 and 50 minute classes will offer more “time in the saddle” at varied durations and intensities.

When you step into a Rev class, you’ll visualize race-day scenarios that keep the class challenging, competitive, and a lot of fun. You’re competing against yourself, against the clock, and other metrics your instructor offers. Our Rev instructors are award winning performance athletes and certified coaches who are top competitive cyclists. They’ll watch the clock for you and tell you what your rate of exertion should feel like…you just get to show up, tune into your body and play the game! They bring their cycling passion and experience to each Rev class and you’ll feel their support as they coach you and push you a little further than you thought you could go. You’ll only see us using modern cycling techniques in Rev that are biomechanically sound, safe and scientifically proven effective.

Whether you’re a road-racer or not, our Rev classes offer a lot of health benefits besides refining your cycling skills. You’ll improve heart health, muscular endurance, and critical for cycling: stamina, leg power and strength for any outdoor terrain. If you’re looking for a challenging workout with little impact, Rev should be added to your must do list! Rev can be as demanding and test your determination, your focus and your muscles, as much as any high intensity training. There’s a reason Rev is our #1 most played Format!The bottom line is real fitness results, and real race wins.

Grab a towel, a water bottle, and a friend, and we’ll see you in class!