January 27, 2022

Shatavia adds walking and healthy alternatives to her daily routine

Shatavia is a wellness champion and one of the early testers of a new employee benefit, Wellbeats, with fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes. “I think it’s a good app to have on your phone and I’m happy that our company gave it to everyone for free.” She added walking and healthy alternatives to her daily routine.

Shatavia had been wanting to get into an exercise regimen. “I want to lose weight because I’m still carrying baby weight from the three kids that I have,” she says. Her company offers a free gym, but most employees are working from home, “and I really didn’t want to pay for a gym. So I thought, ‘I have Wellbeats on my phone. I can use that. It’s free.’”

Walking after work

So Shatavia started walking at least once a day after work. She enjoys the interval class 15 Minutes Plus Strides (walk 15 minutes and then jog or run 5 minutes).

“The instructor (Olympian Carrie Tollefson) is so upbeat and when I’m walking I feel like somebody is walking with me. I feel like I have support.” Shatavia works 10-hour days four days a week and feels tired by 6:30, but Carrie is encouraging. “When you feel like you want to give up, she says, ‘Keep going. 30 more seconds.’ That’s what I appreciate and love about that class.”

When she’s done, “I feel very energetic. It’s great to get some more energy later in the evening because I still have to be with my kids, help with homework, and get them ready for bed.”

No more slouching

Another class Shatavia enjoys is Slouch No More. “I need to focus on warming up my body and stretching my body before I start doing activities,” Shatavia explains.

“I’m definitely working on posture and not slouching because I slouch a lot.” She does this class every other day. “I feel really good and positive when I’m done. I’m more aware of how I’m positioning my body and making sure I’m not slouching.”

Healthy snacking

Shatavia says she has learned by being a wellness champion that you can’t lose weight only by exercising. “You need to be aware of what you’re eating, as well, so nutrition comes into play.” Wellbeats is a great resource for food education and recipes. “I’m always thinking of healthier snack options for my kids,” she says. “They’re quick to ask for candy, cookies, and cake. They’re already hyped so I don’t need the more hyper (chuckle).”

She has played classes like 10 Easy Snacks for On-The-Go to gain healthy snacking options for the whole family.

“I really love Wellbeats,” says Shatavia. “It offers a lot of different classes and my kids like to exercise too and it’s a great way to get them involved. It helps maintain my wellbeing.”

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