Showing Pride Spirit

Show Your Pride

Thousands of employees from more than 120 companies joined Wellbeats this month and are celebrating Pride Month and calling attention to diversity and inclusion by participating in Wellbeats’ Show Your Pride challenge. Participants who signed up in June will have through the end of July to complete their classes in the challenge.

“The buzz has been amazing!” says Jaime Burnham (she/her), Wellbeats’ Regional Vice President of Corporate Sales and Diversity and Inclusion Committee chair. “I even had someone at my son’s soccer game tell me they were doing the Pride Challenge at their company, and they had no idea I had designed it until I posted about it on social media.”

As of Friday, June 18, two weeks into Pride Month and the Show Your Pride challenge, the cumulative class minutes played had reached almost 12,000 minutes. Other challenge stats as of June 18 include:

  • Channel with the most class plays: Office Breaks
  • Day of the week with the most class plays: Tuesday
  • Most played class: Ladder Up! (In this 21-minute class, Alex leads a HIIT [high intensity interval training] routine to keep you on your toes as your heart rate rises and falls in a fast-paced, circuit-style workout)
Wellbeats employees with Pride Month spirit shared selfies in their #WellbeatsForAll tie-dye T-shirts.

Class reviews

Here are some participant class review comments from the Show Your Pride challenge:

“That was amazing! It’s so quick and simple, and I can already imagine the benefits of doing that at least once a day.”

“Great, fast-paced so that I didn’t get exhausted with one movement! Change kept me going!”

“Great for beginners and a quick break from tasks.”

“Quick, easy, surprisingly fun.”

“First class, I’m still alive and feeling great!”

Give us feedback and post your pictures

In July we’ll post on our blog the results of the Pride Month challenge along with comments from companies that participated. If you have ideas for additional ways Wellbeats can support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, we’re all ears! Please send your ideas to

We have one week left and we’d love to see you showing your PRIDE! Join us in sharing your Pride Month pictures on social media with the hashtags #ShowYourPride and #WellbeatsForAll.