Tough time fitting in fitness? HealthPartners employee shares how she makes it work

Have a hard time making it to the gym during your busy day? Wellbeats is an on-demand fitness platform with more than 500 workouts and activities including yoga, running/walking, mindfulness, recovery, biking, and more. Wellbeats is meant to go where you go with activities to help you get active and feel rested and more resilient anytime, anywhere. No gym required!

Nicole Carlson, a PA in cardiology at the Park Nicollet 6500 Specialty Center, recently shared her story with Wellbeats and how it’s helping her fit fitness into her busy life.

Nicole Carlson’s Story

As a wife and a mother of three and currently working full time as a healthcare professional, I work long days on-site, and my evening is filled with my kids’ activities, volunteering, and family.

Fitness is very important to me, but with all of this, finding the time to fit it in has been hard. Over the years, I’ve belonged to every gym, community center, and boutique fitness center you can think of! Though there was nothing really wrong with any of these, I felt hundreds of dollars slip away every month as I couldn’t ever make it during the ‘expected’ times.

I was introduced to Wellbeats and instantly found the concept and website very attractive. The interface is very easy to work with. You can quickly look up ANYTHING (classes, stretching, core exercises and running programs) from the comfort of your home. In fact, when I traveled over the holidays, Wellbeats was able to come with!

As I’ve been exercising on my own the last few years, I tended to get into a rut both mentally and physically, using the same routines and muscles over and over. Wellbeats has allowed me to try all types of exercises and mix up and intensify the ones I already like to do. I’ve been very happy with the Wellbeats concept and know that others will be, too!

Nicole’s favorites on Wellbeats:

  • 20-minute strength sessions: creative ways to mix up strength training.
  • “Triple Threat” class: a full 50 minutes of cardio.
  • “Med Ball Abs” class: great add-on activity to any workout.

Special thanks to Nicole and HealthPartners for providing the content of this article.