Tough to the Core with TKO

For the next 20…35…50 minutes, you’re in control. Every stressor, every obstacle, every point of tension that you encountered this week are now lining up in front of you. And one at a time, you knock them down with jabs, crosses, upper cuts, hooks, elbows and kicks. This is TKO: empowering, energizing, stress-busting kickboxing routines that will give your body and your brain what it needs to conquer life’s most important battles. All WELLBEATS TKO classes offer a total-body workout that get your heart rate up, offer high calorie burn, and will tone muscles from head to toe. And every movement originates from one place: your core.

Most of us, when we hear “core”, think of lying on a mat and doing ab crunches. But in fact, there are about 30 muscles that make up the core, including all the muscles from our shoulders down to our thighs – and ab crunches only target a portion of those. Collectively, these 30 core muscles work together and are responsible for, not just exercise, but most every day activities including staying balanced, maintaining posture, preventing back pain and muscles imbalances, and supporting every movement. When our core is weakened, everything is weakened.

TKO incorporates movements in every direction – firing up the core as you twist, turn, strike, squat, kick and punch. Your core gets the credit for helping you pack power behind each movement, and exert energy while maintaining balance and safe form.

Depending on what type of workout you’re looking for, our TKO classes provide a variety of options – whether you want a “steady-state” cardio class, or some high intensity intervals to get you breathless while incorporating time to recover. Each of our instructors bring a unique background and flavor to their TKO classes.