Tomorrow is National Family Health and Fitness Day and Wellbeats invites you and your family to do a fun Wellbeats class together!

If you have young kids, you can choose from the following (Wellbeats members may click the link to go directly to the channel or class):

Purposeful Play for ages 3-5

Features body awareness, basic movement patterns, and loco-motor skills.

MOVE ME! for ages 6-9

Fitness in disguise! Jen brings her infectious personality to empower kids in a unique and FUN way.

Generation Fit for ages 6-14

Features basic movement patterns, loco-motor skills, and core training.

BOSU Sports Kids for ages 6-14

Mix fun and fitness using the BOSU sport to develop balance, core strength, coordination, and sensory abilities.

Kids and adults will all have fun dancing and being silly with Vibe classes such as:

Funky Fit and Fly

Latin Dance Party

Rock It Out

In the kitchen, kids and adults can work together on Nourish recipes such as:

10 Easy Snacks for On-The-Go

Top 10 healthy, grab-and-go snacks to keep you nourished and energized.

School Lunches

Learn the basics on building nutrient-dense meals your kids will enjoy.

National Family Health & Fitness Day promotes family involvement in exercise and a healthy diet. When families strive to be healthy together, the success rate increases. And when we make reaching health goals a family goal, it becomes a fun activity!

Make Wellbeats a part of your Family Health & Fitness Day. We’re happy to support you and your family’s health and wellbeing!

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