A Program to Use at Home or on Work Breaks


As summer winds down and a new school year approaches, we will feature this month how school districts use Wellbeats for their teachers and staff and even incorporate Wellbeats classes into in-person and distance learning for students.


  • A highly rated public school district
  • 8 schools + administration building
  • 1,175 teachers and staff
  • 4,270 students

If you’re a benefits specialist in a public school district – or any large employer – how do you find a program to help improve your employees’ health? With tons of options, you may have to trust your instincts.

That’s what Helena, Benefits Specialist at a Connecticut public school district, did after watching a Wellbeats demonstration. “I found the program to be user-friendly and offered a great variety of channels and classes,” says Helena.

It didn’t take long to feel great about her decision. “It was one of the best onboarding experiences I’ve had,” she says. “All of the Wellbeats employees we worked with were very friendly and assisted us along the way. It was easy and seamless.”

Helena uses Wellbeats classes herself in the morning before work and some evenings. “I like the 20-minute workouts for something quick to do before I start my day,” she says. “I really like the Barre classes. Those are my favorite.” She does Barre Legs with Tina a few times a week before work. “The Barre Legs class is an overall core and legs workout and it doesn’t require equipment. I feel like I actually went to the gym for an hour.”

In addition to Barre, “Office Breaks provides quick classes I can do during the day to refresh. In the evenings I can do longer workouts when I have more time.” She has found the classes help to relieve stress.

The district used an introductory email prior to launch, an email on launch day, and information in new hire packets to promote the new offering.

Helena was excited about the results in the first two months: more than 200 class plays, 3,000+ minutes, and 550+ logins.

“We had higher participation than we anticipated, which was wonderful,” says Helena. “I feel we chose a program that employees are enjoying. It exceeded my expectations.”

And the best part? “The ability to provide free access to a health and wellness program that employees can use from home or while on a break from work. It’s easy to use and has provided positive responses from our employees.”