January 26, 2023

Wake Up with Wellbeats

Overnight oats are pictured in a jar alongside bananas, blueberries, and cinnamon.

Oversleeping, forgetting things, rushing out the door—everyone has been there. Mornings can be hard, but they don’t have to be! Establishing a healthy morning routine can not only minimize your morning stress, but it can also increase your energy, boost your mood, and improve your productivity.

How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of your day. With fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes designed for the morning, Wellbeats is here to help you nourish both your body and mind and create the morning routine that works best for you. Try these six classes to get started!

Wake Up Yoga

Begin your day with a quick yoga morning movement class designed to wake up your mind and your body, led by Wellbeats instructor Jessica W. Already a Wellbeats member? Try Wake Up Yoga now.

Wellbeats instructor Jessica W. leads a morning yoga routine.
Wake Up Yoga with Jessica W.

Sunrise Run

Rise up and get ready to sweat with Wellbeats instructor Carrie T! This early morning run is great to wake up and energize your body. It includes nine intervals of 90 seconds hard and 90 seconds easy. Whether you’re outside or on a treadmill, Carrie T. will help you get after it! Already a Wellbeats member? Try Sunrise Run with Carrie T. now.

Wellbeats instructor Carrie T. runs down a path lined with grass below blue sky.
Sunrise Run with Wellbeats instructor Carrie T.

Fresh Start Smoothie Bowl

Start your morning right with this delightful bowl of goodness! Wellbeats’ fresh start smoothie bowl is filled with mood-boosting, nutrient-dense ingredients like leafy greens, zucchini, chia seeds, and nut butter. Top it off with some goji berries, cocoa nibs, and coconut for an extra dash of sweetness. Try the fresh start smoothie bowl now.

A smoothie bowl is pictured alongside a big spoon and toppings on a table.
Fresh Start Smoothie Bowl

Overnight Oats

Save time in the morning with overnight oats! This no-cook oatmeal recipe includes delicious ingredients like cacao nibs, cinnamon, and peanut butter. It will keep you fueled and ready to take on the day—even during those hectic mornings. Try overnight oats now.

Overnight oats are pictured in a jar alongside bananas, blueberries, and cinnamon.
Overnight Oats


Take some time for yourself in the morning or whenever you need it most with this relaxing, five-minute mindful breathing session. Wellbeats instructor Erin P. guides you through breathing exercises to help you destress, relieve tension, and “chill” no matter where you are. Already a Wellbeats member? Try Chill with Erin P. now.

Wellbeats instructor Erin P. is seated on a yoga mat to lead a mindful breathing practice.
Chill with Wellbeats instructor Erin P.

Gratitude Meditation

In this practice, Wellbeats instructor Chance Y. leads you through a guided meditation reflecting on the power of gratitude. While routine and repetitive lifestyles cause us to overlook the blessings in our life, a simple redirection of our attention can create a blissful experience. Already a Wellbeats member? Try Gratitude Meditation with Chance Y. now.

Wellbeats instructor Chance Y. leads Gratitude Meditation
Gratitude Meditation with Wellbeats instructor Chance Y.

Establishing a morning routine can be an impactful way to take care of your wellbeing. Whether an intense morning sweat kick starts your day or a slow, mindful breakfast is more your style, Wellbeats has 1,200+ fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes to help you take control of your morning—and your health.

About Wellbeats, a LifeSpeak company

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