September 21, 2021

Weight loss, improved heart rate, and “I feel great”

We love spotlighting how our members fit Wellbeats into their lives. 

Murali has been doing Wellbeats exercise and strength training classes at least three to four mornings a week for more than a year and is enjoying the health benefits.

“I lost 10 to 12 pounds,” says Murali. “I use an Apple Watch to track [my health] so I can see that my resting heart rate has gone down and my heart rate recovery has improved quite a bit.”

Murali alternates between high-intensity interval training and strength training classes in addition to cycling and running. His results are proof that consistency over time can make a big difference even with shorter classes. “My workouts are between 20 and 30 minutes and I always wish I could do more,” he says.

Go 4 It is one of Murali’s favorite classes. “I do it at least twice a week in the morning before my kids get up. It’s pretty strenuous … very intense.” When he’s done, “It feels awesome. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and leaves me positive for the day.”

Another favorite class is Definitions Basic, a 20-minute strength training workout. Murali does this class on alternate days in the morning. “I really like the instructor (Ryan M), He explains how things work … not only the technique but what goes on behind the scenes within your body; how the muscles react, and why you should do movements in a certain way. I like learning the details behind workouts.” And how does he feel when he’s done? “I feel great.”

Murali has taken full advantage of his Welbeats benefit, integrating the classes into his daily routines. “Every day is different and I can wake up and pick a workout that I feel like doing that day. I can cast Wellbeats to my TV. It’s so quick and easy and hardly takes any time to get started.”

And the cherry on top? “I appreciate that my company makes Wellbeats available for my family, too, so my wife can do it.”

Wellbeats applauds your accomplishments, Murali. Keep it up!

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