December 2, 2021

Wellbeats app is a valuable discovery on her first day

We love featuring how our members fit Wellbeats into their lives. For Jessica, regular movement helps reduce her pain.

When Jessica joined a new company and was in training for Member Customer Care, she received emails on her first day including one from Wellbeats, her new health and wellbeing benefit with fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes. Jessica registered and started scrolling through the app. “I said to myself, ‘This is so great we get this for free,’” says Jessica.

Barre classes catch her eye

Right away, Jessica noticed the barre classes. “I love barre and I focused on that for about two to three weeks.” Barre is a workout technique that blends elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. She also enjoys the Fusion classes that blend yoga and Pilates.

Regular movement helps reduce her pain

What Jessica didn’t realize were the benefits she would enjoy. “I used to work in ICU (hospital intensive care unit) where I was moving all day long,” Jessica explains. “I never had a job where I had to sit at a desk for 8 hours. I found that sitting all day hurts.” She was feeling pain and stiffness in her legs, neck, and shoulders, and even got a pressure-point massage. “I was not doing well having a desk job.”

Now Jessica does Wellbeats classes 1-2 times every workday. “During my morning break around 11:30, I do a class like a standing 7-minute one that I can do while I’m working. I just roll out my chair, turn the volume down, and mimic what she’s doing.” Even a 7-10 minute class helps with balance and flexibility. “Almost instantly, my entire spine feels so much better.”

Afternoon classes help with stress reduction

In the afternoons, around 2:30 p.m., Jessica does a 20-minute class like Barreless Bar or Stretch Away Stress. “This one allows you to stretch and just slow down. Once I get done I feel 100 percent better. It refreshes me and allows me to start the afternoon in a good spot. I feel like I’ve just started the day.”

Training class gets involved

By her third week of training, Jessica even told her training class about Wellbeats. “I told my entire class, ‘In your email, on the first day, there is an app called Wellbeats. You need to download it.’ Now probably 7 out of the 14 people are doing Wellbeats every day at lunch. Our entire class loves Wellbeats.”

When asked if she has tried other Wellbeats classes, like nutrition and mindfulness, Jessica said: “I didn’t even know those existed, so I intend to look at those. This app is full of absolutely everything!”

Personal benefits

For Jessica personally, Wellbeats has been a godsend. “It’s really awesome. Honestly, without Wellbeats it would be very difficult every single day to do this job.” She credits Wellbeats with helping her feel better throughout the day – every day. “A simple app makes everything a lot better.”