Wellbeats at Work

National Employee Health and Fitness Day

It’s National Employee Health and Fitness Day. Wellbeats is delighted to help promote the importance of fitness and a healthy diet. One of the greatest roadblocks is time, and we are proud to feature an active Wellbeats member, Serena, who makes health a priority and incorporates Wellbeats classes into her workday. Way to go, Serena!

Wellbeats keeps workouts fun, energizing, and easy to repeat

Serena, a Mortgage Loan Processor at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, was trying to shed a few pounds by walking with a friend, doing yoga classes, and being active outside. But when the pandemic hit and everyone started working from home, “I hit a plateau,” she says.

Serena set up her Wellbeats account when it was first offered due to the pandemic, but she was already quite active. “Once it got colder and I could no longer be active outside, I noticed the pounds starting creeping back up,” she says. “I wasn’t moving as much.”

She tried a Wellbeats dance class. “I liked it,” says Serena. “I thought it was really fun and it seemed like something I could stick with.” And she did! “I stuck with it all through the winter months.” Serena broke through her plateau and the regular workouts have helped her resume losing weight.

“There are five or six Wellbeats classes I like the most,” says Serena. She describes two favorites (click the class name to see a preview):

Jammin with Sara: “It’s strength and cardio all at once,” Serena explains. “It’s a workout that covers everything I need in just 35 minutes. It gets the job done but it’s fun.” Serena does the workout during lunchtime or early afternoon in an upstairs room where she has a TV and exercise equipment. “I log in to Wellbeats on the TV where I have everything I need.”

Old School Party with Kirk: “I like to do this one on Fridays,” says Serena.  The first time she tried it she struggled to keep up. “Now that I’ve done it several times, it’s really fun. I like Kirk’s little attitude and his comments … I actually catch myself talking back to him (chuckle).  It gets you going as a great end-of-the-week dance party.”

Serena created favorites folders in her Wellbeats account.  She named her folders Strength and Cardio, Cardio Only, and Quick Workouts. “If I just have 30 minutes where I need to eat and do a workout, then I go to my Quick Workouts, where I can pick a 20-minute class I’ve done before and still have a few minutes to grab something to eat.  If I have more time or I’m getting bored with my favorite workouts, there are still plenty of classes to choose from that I haven’t tried yet.”

The greatest benefits of Wellbeats:

  • “It’s easy to access from anywhere. I can pull it up on my phone, TV or computer.”
  • “There are many different types of workouts to choose from; I love that.”
  • “You can set up folders of your favorites.”

And perhaps best of all: “It’s definitely helped me to reach my goals!”