Wellbeats CEO Spotlight: Jason Von Bank

Wellbeats CEO, Jason Von Bank, was recently interviewed by Your Friend in Healthcare, a division of virtual healthcare company Health As We Age, Inc. (HAWA). In the Q&A session, Von Bank reveals what originally sparked his passion for fitness, his favorite Wellbeats’ success story and more. To read the full interview by Your Friend in Healthcare, click here.

Q- Is on-demand fitness programming for everyone? How does Wellbeats customize its programming to meet every member’s needs?

A- Yes, on-demand fitness is absolutely for everyone. It allows anyone from busy moms to college students and everywhere in-between to access fitness on their own time. We offer an abundance of classes for all ages and fitness levels including yoga, kickboxing, office breaks, cycling, dance and so much more. Users can select which class they want based on filters like class type, age, duration and equipment accessibility. If they have a specific fitness goal they are trying to achieve, we have 30-day or 60-day workout plans to help them stay on track.

Q- What are the benefits to employers offering an on-demand fitness programming to their employees?

A- Employers can benefit in many ways by offering Wellbeats to their employees. Wellbeats is easy to implement, cost-effective and allows employees working remotely to also benefit from the program. An employer has access to reporting and analytics to be able to track user participation. Overall, Wellbeats gives their employees the opportunity to work out wherever they feel more comfortable.

Q- What sparked your passion for the fitness industry?

A- I’ve always had an altruistic (and probably naive) desire to fix the healthcare system. I have witnessed many people’s lives change as a result of disease, injury or other limitations due to poor lifestyle choices. For me, nothing is more rewarding than to witness people become the best versions of themselves through fitness. I’m fortunate to be able to accomplish this through the work we do on a regular basis.