January 6, 2022

Wellbeats is Honored as ACG Minnesota BOLD Awards 2022 Nominee

BOLD Awards logo

Wellbeats is excited to announce that we have been nominated for the Tenth Annual BOLD Awards presented by the Minnesota Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG).

The BOLD Awards honor and recognize innovation, inspirational moves, bold visions, and leaders that have made BOLD moves between January 2019 and December 2021 to positively grow, restructure, or enhance their companies for the benefit of all stakeholders.

On Thursday, January 6, Wellbeats CEO Jason Von Bank and Chief Revenue Officer Jen Zygmunt will attend the Nominee Judging Reception. They will meet the judges and describe the ways that Wellbeats has made BOLD moves in the past year.

Nomination recognizes pandemic response

An excerpt summarizes the BOLD moves that earned Wellbeats this nomination:

“There has been a seismic change in how individuals and employers approach and support wellness, not to mention increasingly high expectations for workplace wellbeing over the past 18-plus months. And, while some companies might simply have waited for the pandemic to end and life to return to normal, Wellbeats recognized early in 2020 that the post-pandemic normal will not look like what we were used to. Instead of waiting it out, the company embraced these changes and evolved its offerings to ensure employers have the resources they need to continue supporting the wellbeing of their workforce during and beyond the pandemic.”

BOLD moves to be highlighted at judging reception

Examples of Wellbeats’ 2021 initiatives its leaders will emphasize at the BOLD Awards reception include the following:

  • Refreshed member experience and technology to deliver a more personalized and engaging wellness journey
  • Revitalized and expanded library of classes
  • Increased support for mental wellbeing through a partnership with Healbright Mental Health
  • 23 new classes to support mental and physical wellbeing for children ages three to ten, 75 percent of whom do not get enough exercise, including kids with disabilities

All nominee companies and nominators (Wellbeats was honored to be nominated by two different companies) will attend the February 22 BOLD Awards gala at the Fillmore Minneapolis.