November 30, 2021

Popular benefit “complements our wellness initiatives perfectly”

“Wellbeats is one of our best benefits options,” says Stephanie Kocur, Manager of People, Technology, and Insights at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).


  • Largest nonprofit funder of blood cancer research
  • 950+ employees
  • National headquarters + ~20 offices
  • Most employees working remotely due to COVID and will continue in the future


  • Lacked a fitness benefit
  • Many employees worked from home even before the pandemic
  • Desire to support employees’ physical, emotional, and mental health

“There was absolutely zero question about renewing with Wellbeats,” says Stephanie. “Our employee base loves Wellbeats. They love everything about it.”

Stephanie Kocur, People, Technology and Insights Manager

The organization, with just under 1,000 employees, was looking at ways in fall 2019 to enhance its wellness program in 2020. “We didn’t have anything fitness-oriented,” says Stephanie. Its benefits consultant recommended Wellbeats.

So Stephanie and Christine, her director of wellness and benefits, looked into it. “After that first meeting with Wellbeats, we signed off in just a few days.” And after the “easy implementation,” the benefit went live in January 2020. “Wellbeats is one of our best benefits options,” says Stephanie. “You can do it on the computer, stream it on your phone, stream it on the television …” Stephanie even listens to mindfulness classes on her phone using earbuds when she goes outside for walks.

Great fit for wellness program strategy

The wellness program at LLS has several pillars including emotional, physical, and mental health. “One of our pillars is physical, and everything that Wellbeats offers – from fitness to food (nutrition and recipes) to mindfulness to meditation – is fantastic and hits that pillar perfectly.” LLS also finds Wellbeats helpful in decreasing burnout because of its variety and flexibility. “People can go on Wellbeats and get a 5-minute class or a longer class – anything they’re specifically looking for.”

Employee resource groups

With a dispersed workforce throughout the U.S., LLS has formed numerous Employee Resource Groups. “We started forming these groups within the last year,” explains Stephanie. “They have monthly or quarterly meetings and they promote all of our resources.”

The Fitness and Wellness group has 60 members and is designed to share ideas, inspiration, and challenges related to fitness and wellness. “I just got off the phone with our fitness and wellness group leads, and we’re figuring out ways to incorporate Wellbeats classes into their group so they can promote them. They said individually and together, ‘We love it.’” LLS created a Wellbeats challenge calendar for the group. “Everyone goes into the calendar and uses all the resources. They can’t get enough of it,” says Stephanie.

Enrollment steady and strong

In the five-month period from May through September 2021, LLS’s Wellbeats enrollment consistently exceeded 36%.

Administration is simple

“From the second that we started talking to Wellbeats, to the present day, there have been no complaints. It is so lovely,” says Stephanie. “It’s amazing to have something that is so streamlined and simple and our employee base loves it.” From “exceptional customer service” to “simple eligibility file uploads on a monthly basis” to “you guys are constantly sending us great marketing materials that we use,” this interviewer asked if Wellbeats may just be able to clone her 😊

Greatest benefits

Asked to summarize the greatest benefits of Wellbeats to LLS, Stephanie said: “It gets people moving. We all work on our computers all day, so not only are our bodies not moving but our eyes are completely exhausted. Wellbeats gives people an outlet to motivate themselves to get up and get moving. We have multiple employees who do Wellbeats exercises with their kids as a break before nap time. It’s great.”

And the greatest benefits to Stephanie personally? “It complements the rest of our wellness initiatives perfectly, and it makes my job easier.”