Wellbeats Launches 3 New Challenges for Employees Working From Home

New Home-Based Wellbeats Challenges

In light of the recent impact from COVID-19 (coronavirus), Wellbeats launches 3 new at-home, no-equipment workout challenges for employees now working from home instead of the office.

Wellbeats offers 15+ goal-based challenges ranging from 2-8 weeks to help participants stay on track with their fitness goals. Challenges include regular notification reminders to complete workouts each day and gives participants an easy way to sustain their physical activity.

Wellbeats 3 new at-home challenges include:

1. Work(Out) From Home Challenge (4 Weeks)

No gym? No problem. All you need is your own bodyweight for this 4-week, at home challenge designed for limited time and space. For 5 days each week, our team of certified, virtual instructors will guide you through a combination of cardio and HIIT workouts to elevate your heart rate, boost energy, and decrease stress. Ready to get your sweat on? Let’s HIIT to it!

2. Give Me an Office Break Challenge (4 Weeks)

Feeling a little stressed or anxious at work? Studies show even just a short break throughout the day can help manage stress and increase productivity*. So if you’re starting to lose focus, join us for a weekday office break or mindfulness practice to help you recharge, refocus, and energize your mind and body. Give me an office break? Yes, please!

3. Yoga at Home Challenge  (4 Weeks)

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, this yoga-at-home challenge can help! Start fresh each day with yoga classes that can provide peace and control in both mind and body. For 5 days each week, our certified virtual instructors will guide you through a series of yoga poses to help manage stress, increase flexibility, and build strength. This challenge can be completed anywhere, even with limited space and equipment. Namaste!

Click here to find even more challenges available via Wellbeats user streaming.

Stress Awareness Month
Stress Less with Wellbeats

We know this time of uncertainty and stress can be extremely challenging  for employees and employers alike. In the most recent April Marketing Toolkit, we include full class lists with recommendations for reducing stress and anxiety, from office stretches to HIIT to yoga.

Mom and Girl working out

Fitness for the Whole Family

Kids at home? Release some energy with Wellbeats kid-friendly workouts and activities for ages 3-14! This can be a great way to entertain the kids or get them moving with fun videos taught by our engaging team of virtual instructors. Learn more about our available kid’s channels here.

Interested in offering Wellbeats on-demand fitness to your employees?

School closed? Working from home (with kids?) Keep them busy while having fun with Wellbeats 500+ workouts for the entire family! Contact us about a free trial!