January 21, 2020

Wellbeats Launching New Nutrition Channel This March

Wellbeats Nutrition Classes Coming Soon!

Wellbeats is cooking up a brand-new channel set to release this March: Nutrition!

The Wellbeats nutrition channel is redefining the fitness space by expanding on its diverse health content offerings including fitness classes, mindfulness courses, office breaks, recovery, meditation, pre/post-natal fitness, and sports performance exercises.

The new channel will launch over 20 classes covering a variety of topics including:

  • Recipes and cooking tips
  • Nutrition education
  • Healthy living tips
  • and so much more!

Watch this video below for an exclusive sneak peek:

The nutrition channel will be available to access for all Wellbeats streaming users. Classes include content hosted by several certified nutritionists and chefs, including Chef Marshal, as well as Christina Sandok and Katie Jasper from Prescribe Nutrition.

If you’d like to learn new cooking techniques, healthy food swaps, and nutrition tips, be sure to keep your eyes open for brand-new content coming to your screen very soon!

Is there something specific you’d like to see? Let us know what kinds of nutritional tips you’re interested in the comments below or on our Facebook Community Group.

Availability may vary according to your content subscription.