August 31, 2021

“We’re the cheerleaders for Wellbeats”

Wellbeats cheerleaders

We love spotlighting how our members fit Wellbeats into their lives. Wendy’s motivation: Strengthen upper body for her favorite summer sports

Wendy was on a communications call that mentioned Wellbeats and she noticed her colleague Vicki in the chat say, “I love Wellbeats.” So Wendy sent a private message to Vicki to learn more. “It’s the link we got last week,” Vicki replied. “It’s a wellness program provided to MMA at not cost to colleagues.’ So I said I’d try it,” says Wendy, Regional Business Insurance Operations Training Specialist for Marsh & Mclennan Agency in Minneapolis.

“I texted Vicki the next day and said, ‘Oh my gosh, I can hardly move. But I loved it,’” says Wendy. Since then, “Vicki and I have been the cheerleaders for Wellbeats.”

In fact, Wendy credits Wellbeats for increasing her arm strength for golf and fly fishing and giving her energy and better focus to start her workday. “My energy level is so much higher when I’m done doing a Wellbeats class,” says Wendy. “I just feel more productive.”

Wellbeats Member Spotlight - Wendy
Wellbeats has helped Wendy strengthen her arms, upper body, and core for fly fishing and golf

Wendy has a recurring event in her calendar at 7:30 a.m. – in red. “I categorized it as a to-do,” says Wendy. “It’s made me take control of my own health.” She turns around a monitor in her exercise-room-turned-home-office, where she has a yoga mat, and clicks on Wellbeats. “It’s very easy to commit to that, and I feel more energized and ready to be productive.”

Two of Wendy’s favorite classes are:

Barreless Barre with Libby

“I connected with Libby right away,” says Wendy. “I like her personality. She’s very calming, and she had some humor to her. I feel like she’s in the room with me teaching the class.” Wendy also likes the pace. “It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. She shows you a modified way of doing things if you need it. You can do more or fewer repetitions. Just listen to your body.”

Upper Body & Abs with Elizabeth

“This class helped me strengthen my arms for golf and fishing,” says Wendy. “It gives me energy for the day.” Wendy likes exercises with weights that work the core at the same time as the arms. “It makes me feel like I’m getting a double workout.”

“COVID taught me that I needed to be more self-disciplined at home,” says Wendy. “Wellbeats helped me take more control of my own health and feel like I can do this on my own.”

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