January 23, 2019

Which Wellbeats cardio class is right for you? We asked, you answered.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “cardio”? Is it happiness, empowerment, energy… or is it something a little more, er, not-so-positive? Let’s find out which Wellbeats Cardio Class is right for you.

If it’s the ladder, it’s okay! Cardio can be a challenge at times, which is why we wanted to share with you some of our most top-rated cardio classes that you may want to give a try…

For fans of kickboxing:


“Love this class! Instructions are clear and easy-to-follow. Good music. Gets me sweating and my heart rate up!”

– Erin, “Test Your Power” TKO class


“Enjoyed… makes exercise fun! Will be back.”

– Vallery, “Beat Down” TKO class


“It’s amazing the sweat you can work up doing TKO. Plus, you feel POWERFUL!”

– Josh, “Burpee Challenge” TKO class


“Great energy workout without high impact or straining. I was able to burn and strength and worked up a sweat.”

– Lisa, “Beat Down” TKO class

For fans of dancing:


“I love this exercise. This is the exercise you want to do when you need an extra pish. If I can do this, so can you!”

– DeLouis, “Club Freestyle” Vibe class


“Amazing – burned so many calories! Thank you for the awesome workout!!”

– Jodie, “Shake Sizzle and Pop” Vibe class


“Fun and steady cardio. Great way to start the day!”

– Kimberly, “Rock It Out” Vibe class

For fans of spinning:


“Excellent instruction – I am completely new to cycling as a sport and the set-up explanation was sufficient and thorough. I look forward to viewing more classes.”

– Mitzi, “Rev TUTORIAL” Rev Class


“Loved it!! I burned 187 calories doing a workout! Thank you for an awesome fat-burning cycle.”

– Jodie, “Fat Burn Cycle” Rev Class


“Good class with very helpful tips on proper technique. Hard workout! ”

– Bill, “10 Mile Time Trial” Rev class

For fans of HIIT:


“Love this class – Sean is so motivational and fun to work with.”

– DeAnn, “The Fighter” Kinetics class


“Really gets your heart pumping. I like that during a break, they give you a preview of the next round of moves.”

– Angie, “Bring It Tabata” Kinetics class


“Hard but 100% worth it. I feel great the next day.”

– Josh, “Next Level” Kinetics class

Do you have a go-to Wellbeats class? Share with us how you get your cardio in the comments below.

– The Wellbeats Team

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