What comes to mind when you hear the word “cardio”? Is it happiness, empowerment, energy… or is it something a little more, er, not-so-positive? Let’s find out which Wellbeats Cardio Class is right for you.

If it’s the ladder, it’s okay! Cardio can be a challenge at times, which is why we wanted to share with you some of our most top-rated cardio classes that you may want to give a try…

For fans of kickboxing:


“Love this class! Instructions are clear and easy-to-follow. Good music. Gets me sweating and my heart rate up!”

– Erin, “Test Your Power” TKO class


“Enjoyed… makes exercise fun! Will be back.”

– Vallery, “Beat Down” TKO class


“It’s amazing the sweat you can work up doing TKO. Plus, you feel POWERFUL!”

– Josh, “Burpee Challenge” TKO class


“Great energy workout without high impact or straining. I was able to burn and strength and worked up a sweat.”

– Lisa, “Beat Down” TKO class

For fans of dancing:


“I love this exercise. This is the exercise you want to do when you need an extra pish. If I can do this, so can you!”

– DeLouis, “Club Freestyle” Vibe class


“Amazing – burned so many calories! Thank you for the awesome workout!!”

– Jodie, “Shake Sizzle and Pop” Vibe class


“Fun and steady cardio. Great way to start the day!”

– Kimberly, “Rock It Out” Vibe class

For fans of spinning:


“Excellent instruction – I am completely new to cycling as a sport and the set-up explanation was sufficient and thorough. I look forward to viewing more classes.”

– Mitzi, “Rev TUTORIAL” Rev Class


“Loved it!! I burned 187 calories doing a workout! Thank you for an awesome fat-burning cycle.”

– Jodie, “Fat Burn Cycle” Rev Class


“Good class with very helpful tips on proper technique. Hard workout! ”

– Bill, “10 Mile Time Trial” Rev class

For fans of HIIT:


“Love this class – Sean is so motivational and fun to work with.”

– DeAnn, “The Fighter” Kinetics class


“Really gets your heart pumping. I like that during a break, they give you a preview of the next round of moves.”

– Angie, “Bring It Tabata” Kinetics class


“Hard but 100% worth it. I feel great the next day.”

– Josh, “Next Level” Kinetics class

Do you have a go-to Wellbeats class? Share with us how you get your cardio in the comments below.

– The Wellbeats Team

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