Stay active, eat healthy, and reduce stress at school and at home

Wellbeats gives students and staff 24/7 access to fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes available anytime and anywhere.

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Wellbeats Content & Instructors

High-Quality Content & Instructors

Education-based classes are led by certified, diverse, and relatable instructors, and continuous content and feature enhancements give members fresh ways to enjoy their wellbeing journey.

Customized community with Wellbeats

Customized Community-Building Experiences

Personalized content fueled by a recommendations engine guide individuals based on their wellbeing goals and interests, and social community features allow members to invite friends to scheduled classes.

Wellbeats is easy to use

Easy to Use, Implement, & Integrate

Efficient and easy implementation includes streamlined SSO and API integration. Wellbeats is accessible globally through iOS, Android, Windows devices, and web browsers.

Support and security with Wellbeats

Support, Security, & Measurement

Clients get strategic expertise, marketing kits, video tutorials, and comprehensive monthly reporting and engagement metrics with easy-to-track success measures, and the solution is compliant with HIPAA, SOC2, GDPR, and WCAG 2.0.

Wellbeats is a benefit more than 1.9 million employees love.


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Engaging residents in their health and wellbeing


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Simply download the app or register on the portal to get started.

Wellbeats’ education-based, engaging content caters to any age, gender, interest, or ability level.

You’ll get a customized and co-branded email campaign to welcome your residents to the program.

More than 1,000 fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes appeal to all ages and interests.

Wellbeats’ diverse team of 60+ authentic, approachable, and credentialed experts offer classes that appeal to everyone.


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See how high-quality, educational, and engaging content will help your residents and staff stay active, eat healthier, and reduce stress.