Why Stomp?

When step classes were first introduced in the late 80s, the original concept was all about bodyweight training – not just dancing around the step, but lifting your body up off the ground to get a stronger lower body and a great cardio workout. In the past 25 years, the step has been used for many purposes – from dance classes to strength training and more.

In our Stomp channel, we go back to the roots of step, (without the leotards) using the platform and risers as they were originally intended for vertical movement, with a variety of fun choreography.

Considering trying a step class? Here’s a few bonus benefits you can look forward to:

Become Smarter: OK, so you won’t leave class with a degree, but you WILL engage your brain and give your mind an exercise of its own as you process the cues from your instructor down to your feet!

Increase Agility: Agility isn’t just important for athletes. It’s what trains our bodies to react fast and perhaps keep us from tripping or falling as we age. Maneuvering around the step is a quick path to awareness and agility.

Combat the Sitting Epidemic: Sitting for hours every day without activity produces weak rears and hips which has compounding effects on posture, back pain and more. Stomp classes offer a killer workout to re-strengthen those muscles!

Whether you’re looking for an athletic, straight forward workout or something with a little more intricate choreography, you’ll find plenty of variety within our Stomp channel.