Why You Should Stretch After a Cycling Workout

Stretching after Cycling Class

Imagine you just spent 30 minutes powering through a cycling workout on Wellbeats. You’re feeling strong, proud, and maybe a little sweaty. It’s easy to want to pat yourself on the back and call it a day. But before you hop off that bike and get going, it’s important to know why you should stretch after a cycling workout.

Benefits of Stretching Post-Workout

According to an article published on Bidvine.com, stretching post-workout offers a range of benefits.

  • Avoids muscle soreness
  • Increases flexibility
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Enhances mobility
  • Reduces built-up lactic acid
  • Improves blood flow

Now that you know the many benefits of post-workout stretching, let’s try one out! Mark Kingsriter, familiar face in the Wellbeats Rev (Cycling) channel, walks you step-by-step through the best stretches after a cycling workout.

Mark demonstrates stretching techniques after cycling class

Post-Cycling Stretch 1

Target muscle group: Calves

Move: Step one foot back, heel down. Bend your opposite knee, and slowly sink into your leg, applying pressure in the lower part of your leg. Hold for six to eight seconds. Switch legs.

Post-Cycling Stretch 2

Target muscle group: Hamstrings

Move: Extend one leg out, heel down and toe up. Hinge from your hip, keep your spine as neutral as you can until you feel a stretch on the outside part of your leg. Hold for six to eight seconds. Switch legs.

Post-Cycling Stretch 3

Target muscle group: Quads

Move: Grab your foot or the top of your ankle, knee pointed to the floor. Keep your chest lifted. Extend your arm for balance, or keep it at your hip. Add pressure to your glutes, so you can feel the tension in the front of your leg. Hold for six to eight seconds. Switch legs.

Post-Cycling Stretch 4

Target muscle group: Hips

Move: Cross your ankle over the lower part of your thigh, and flex your foot to keep your knee safe. With your chest up, sit your butt back. You should feel this on the outside of your hip. Hold for six to eight seconds. Switch legs.

We hope this post-cycling stretch relives any muscle soreness and leaves you feeling even better after your workout. Let us know what you think of the stretches in the comments!

For more post-cycling stretches, visit Wellbeats here.