February 1, 2023

BenefitsPRO: Mindfulness in the Battle Against Burnout

Wellbeats instructor Jan J. smiles while seated on a yoga mat

Wellbeats instructor Jan Johnson recently authored an article published in BenefitsPRO. She shares how employers can help their workforce use mindfulness as a tool to manage stress before it becomes burnout. Read “4 Steps to Harness Mindfulness in the Battle Against Burnout” now.

Wellbeats instructor Jan J. smiles while seated on a yoga mat
Wellbeats instructor Jan J.

Managing a complex issue like burnout requires more than a single solution. Mindfulness can be a powerful part of a broader effort. For employers interested in embracing mindfulness, Jan’s BenefitsPRO article outlines four ways that employers can encourage employees to try mindfulness practices:

  1. Make mindfulness approachable.
  2. Teach four-square or box breathing.
  3. Introduce STOP meditation.
  4. Normalize breaks.

Encouraging and teaching mindfulness doesn’t require any specialized equipment or additional expense for HR budgets. It’s accessible and achievable by any organization, of any size. And, when you nurture a culture of wellbeing that encourages mindfulness, you can effectively help employees manage stress before it progresses to burnout.

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