August 18, 2022

Boost Your Wellbeing by Managing Stress

Wellbeats instructor Chance Y. leads Gratitude Meditation

Stress affects everyone, so stress management is a critical component of National Wellness Month—a time to incorporate wholesome habits into your daily routine to improve your wellbeing. Learning ways to effectively manage stress is crucial to taking care of your physical health and mental wellbeing.

Wellbeats is here to help you explore healthy and effective ways to cope with stress whenever you need it most! Our engaging content is designed to help you calm the mind, bring awareness to the present moment, and build resilience into your every day.

Whether you prefer calming, restorative yoga or stress relieving HIIT workouts, mindful breathing techniques or recipes to reduce stress, Wellbeats has something for everyone in our collection of over 1,000 fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes. Enroll in one of our programs designed to help you manage stress below.

Wellbeats instructor Chance Y. leads Gratitude Meditation

Stress Less Program

Discover a day-by-day schedule of fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes to reduce stress. Calm your mind and body in our two-week Stress Less program. This program includes a day-by-day schedule of yoga, cardio, mindfulness, stretching, and nutrition classes to help you manage stress and promote a healthy, positive mindset. No equipment is necessary, but a yoga mat/block are optional. Already a Wellbeats member? Enroll in Stress Less now.

A woman stretches her arms above her head while smiling and seated in a chair at a desk

Create Your Calm Program

Create a sense of calm through daily activities that improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Our Create Your Calm program includes a two-week schedule of mindfulness, breathing, and meditation-style classes to help you to pause, breathe, and create calm. All classes are under 30 minutes in length, and no equipment is necessary. Already a Wellbeats member? Enroll in Create Your Calm now.

Two lit candles are positioned on top of a rock with leaves in the background

Relieve Stress Program

When dealing with stress, some need to power down, relax, and recoup, and others prefer a high-intensity training session to blow off steam. To accommodate both styles of stress relief, our Relieve Stress program provides two different types of classes on each exercise day. One class listed will help you relax while the other class will get your heart pumping. Recommended equipment for this program includes a yoga mat, dumbbells, and resistance bands. Grab a friend and set a goal together! Already a Wellbeats member? Enroll in Relieve Stress now.

A young woman grimaces with her hands raised to her temples in frustration.

After successful completion of one of our programs designed to support you in successful stress management, we recommend a couple options to help you reach your next goal.

  • Repeat this program of your choice to continue relieving stress.
  • Explore our yoga, meditation, or mindful movement classes for calming stress relief.
  • Try our high intensity interval classes for fast-paced stress relief.

Learning how to best manage stress in your life can improve your ability to show up in both your personal and professional lives. Remember, stress is a natural part of life. It’s all about what you do with it.

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