Building Best Practices for a Healthier Workplace

How can employers build a healthier workplace?  

This is the age-old question that many organizations grapple with ongoingly. Sure, companies can implement health initiatives and incentivize employees to get out there and be more active and eat cleaner – but how do you measure and ensure success in the organization? Employers want to see a return on investment with their efforts.  

The answer? Implement a robust employee success strategy that outlines best practices for your organization to create a healthier workplace. 

What does an employee success strategy of this nature look like?  

Wellness programs are an excellent way to tap into employees’ potential to achieve fitness goals and improve overall health. Wellness programs come in all forms. Finding one that works well and integrates nicely with your organization’s health initiative is easy; However, building a strategy to ensure your employees’ success is a key factor in choosing the right one.  

For example, Wellbeats Wellness, a product of LifeSpeak Inc., is a wellness solution countless organizations rely on to build healthier employees through thousands of classes and programs. Our unique content ranges in all aspects of wellness – from fitness and nutrition to mindfulness. Our comprehensive programs often go hand-in-hand with other initiatives set out by employers, such as Employee Assistance Programs and other wellness incentive models. In fact, Wellbeats Wellness is used and loved by over 2.5 million employees.  

Hoffmaster Group, Inc., is an organization with over 1,000 employees. Since rolling out Wellbeats Wellness in September of 2021, the premium dining solutions company has seen a notable uptick in their employees’ overall health as well as an increase in all key engagement metrics with Wellbeats Wellness. This is due to integrating successful practices which encourage engagement in their outlined health initiatives. The biggest part of their solution involves Wellbeats Wellness 

Hoffmaster Group, Inc. plans and details a thorough wellness program within its organization while ensuring success among its members.  

Celebrating Team Wins and Sharing Goals  

Jenny Shufelt is the Employee Success Coach at Hoffmaster Group, Inc. Throughout her employment, Jenny has been proud to coach employees and help them strive toward both professional and personal success. A huge portion of employees’ success is seen through living healthier lives. When more members engage regularly in Wellbeats Wellness, Jenny counts it as a win.  

 “We really make sure to leverage any numbers and celebrate that,” said Jenny. “It may feel like you are tooting your own horn for a while or bragging about the accomplishments of the HR team – but really – this is about celebrating the importance of employees’ accomplishments and their interests in the programs you offer. It is their accomplishment, their success, their growth.”   

Aligning Engagement Strategies and Best Practices   

Jenny says that Hoffmaster Group, Inc. introduced Wellbeats Wellness to their health initiatives because the content available is qualitative, accessible to all employees, and is safe, inclusive, and provides effective information.  

Here is an overview of how Hoffmaster Group, Inc. utilizes a successful employee strategy:  

  • Wellness Champions 

Jenny appoints certain people throughout her company to engage with Wellbeats Wellness and their job is to encourage others within the organization to use it as well. Super-users of the wellness solution are excellent candidates for wellness champions because they utilize it regularly and can vouch for both the content and its effectiveness.  

“I need partners at each site that support these communications,” said Jenny. “That includes our HR site managers and our on-site athletic trainers. And by having these stewards of the program, we can put out traditional marketing (flyers, etc.) but when we have a real person, who has relationships with our employees to be sharing that program, it is much more powerful.” 

  • Program and Content Promotion  

 Jenny utilizes other forms of traditional marketing, such as email newsletters to communicate all programs available to her organization. This is prime real estate for introducing or promoting any new or ongoing programs with Wellbeats Wellness. Oftentimes, these communications are shaped around a monthly theme that pertains to content from Wellbeats Wellness.  

  • Hosted Campaigns  

Quarterly campaigns provide valuable information where members can tune in weekly to gain insights on specific wellbeing topics. In busier seasons, these communications promote and encourage healthier living, alleviating wellness champions, and traditional marketing.  

Jenny adds that implementing and engaging in quarterly campaigns holds a couple of administrative benefits including quality and intentional content being sent with no additional effort.  

“In my opinion, the quarterly campaigns are a serious no-brainer,” said Jenny. “I also professionally coach our employees and participate in training and development for them; so to have marketing that’s going out on our behalf is invaluable; it’s quality information, I know it’s intentional and well done and I know that if in a month or two ahead of me gets really busy, I can always count on Wellbeats to be there and to keep that communication pulse going for me by acting into these campaigns.”   

  • Goals for Incentives 

Incentive programs throughout organizations can create the willingness to participate if not for an end goal, but as in healthy competition amongst colleagues.   

Hoffmaster Group, Inc., wants to celebrate its members’ achievements and goals through Wellbeats Wellness. As a result, we continuously work together to create and define incentive criteria, and members can obtain prizes and other “swag” items.  

 Engage in a wellbeing solution that works as hard as your team 

 Wellbeats Wellness is one solution among a suite of products by LifeSpeak Inc. We believe that whole-person wellbeing should be accessible to everyone and the foundation for building healthier employees stems from achieving overall wellbeing to live balanced and healthy lives.  

To learn more about our suite of solutions, please visit our website.