February 1, 2022

Celebrate Black History Month with Wellbeats

Celebrate Black History Month

You’re invited to celebrate Black History Month with us as Wellbeats lifts up the voices, experiences, and stories of our Black instructors all month long. Get to know our instructors in a new video series, try a new class from our Black History Month collection, or join the conversation with the hashtag #WellbeatsForAll.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate Black History Month by amplifying the voices and experiences of a few of our instructors,” Jason Von Bank, Wellbeats CEO and president, said. “I’m excited for you to hear from Chance, Jan, and Nate, as they share their personal wellness stories in our ‘My Black History Life’ video series. I also recommend checking out the classes taught by our Black instructors, perhaps African Dance with Lynnea or Yoga Barre Blend with Alex.”

Black Health and Wellness

The 2022 Black History Month theme is Black Health and Wellness. The Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) annually assigns a theme for Black History Month to bring to the public’s attention to important developments that merit emphasis.

Black Health and Wellness acknowledges the legacy of Black scholars and medical practitioners in Western medicine. It also addresses activities, rituals, and initiatives that Black communities have engaged in to foster good health and wellness.

Efforts to foster good health and wellness hit home for us here at Wellbeats as we seek to give people of every race, age, interest, body type, and ability level the opportunity to live a healthier life. We strive to deliver accessible, affordable, and approachable health and wellness solutions to our members.

“The motto, ‘Wellbeats for All,’ is our rallying cry and one that unites each and every one of us on our own individual journeys,” Wellbeats Chief Revenue Officer Jen Zygmunt said. “We’re dedicated to providing a welcoming experience for all our members while simultaneously serving their individual needs and meeting them where they are in their lives.”

We recognize the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Wellbeats’ emphasis on accessibility, affordability, and approachability seeks to provide an equitable wellness solution. Our virtual classes are accessible to our members wherever they feel most comfortable, and we prioritize approachability by fostering a welcoming, inclusive environment. Our certified instructors represent diverse body types, ages, backgrounds, and abilities as well.

“Our wellness solutions can be personalized to individual schedules, interests, and ability levels,” Zygmunt said. “We’re committed to offering something for everyone.”

Celebrate Black History Month: Time to Elevate Black Stories

Along with focusing on Black Health and Wellness this year, Black History Month designates an annual opportunity to understand Black histories. The goal is to go beyond the stories traditionally found in history books to focus on Black achievements.

In the spirit of storytelling, Wellbeats instructors Chance, Jan, and Nate are kindly sharing their personal stories and individual wellness journeys in a new “My Black History Life” video series. You’ll love getting to know the whole person as these three Wellbeats instructors share their stories in their own words as part of our Black History Month celebration.

Chance York
Chance York
Jan Johnson
Jan Johnson
Nate Middleton

“Not only are our instructors incredibly talented, passionate, and experienced, but they represent Wellbeats’ global community,” Wellbeats Director of Fitness Mark Kingsriter said. “We’ve prioritized actively recruiting and retaining a diverse team of instructors because we know how important it is for our clients and members to be able to identify with our instructors. Forming connections and feeling seen goes a long way in achieving your health and wellness goals. We pride ourselves on Wellbeats being for everyone.”

We’re proud of our instructors and all they’ve achieved—both in their personal wellness journeys and through the impact they’ve had on others. We are honored to provide a platform for Chance, Jan, and Nate to share their stories with Wellbeats’ global community.

What’s Next?

Whether it’s by expanding our class offerings, welcoming new instructors, or incorporating member feedback, Wellbeats is constantly seeking out new ways to improve the experience of all our members.

“I’m proud of the important work Wellbeats has done to develop an inclusive, welcoming global wellness community,” Sarah Ziemer, Wellbeats senior vice president of corporate sales, said. “As we continue to enhance the diversity, equity, and inclusion of our experience, Wellbeats’ mission includes an ongoing commitment to growth through education, self-reflection, and change.

“We know that supporting and including different ideas, cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds helps to create a stronger and more welcoming environment that ultimately delivers better results, whether in the corporate office or in the fitness studio,” Ziemer continued. “We’re always looking for opportunities to better reflect and engage the unique nature of our members.”

Join the Celebration

You’re invited to join Wellbeats as we celebrate Black History Month. We’re amplifying the stories, classes, and expertise of our Black instructors while honoring everyone’s unique wellness journey. Here are three ways you can celebrate Black History Month with us:

  • Explore our new Black History Month class collection: Try a new class taught by one of our talented Black instructors now! Search “Black History Month” on the Wellbeats home screen to check out the class collection.
  • Share your story: The hashtag #WellbeatsForAll unites us all—despite differences of race, gender, age, interest, body type, or ability—to live a healthier life. We want to hear from you on your health and wellness journey. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #WellbeatsForAll in your social media posts this month and beyond.