Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Wellbeats

You’re invited to celebrate National Nutrition Month with Wellbeats! Check out our Nourish Your Everyday program, try a new class from our nutrition collection, or share your nutrition journey by joining the conversation with the hashtag #WellbeatsForAll.

From recipes to educational classes, Wellbeats offers engaging content on your journey toward eating healthier. And yes, the recipes are delicious.

National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month.

National Nutrition Month is an annual campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. During the month of March, everyone is invited to learn about making informed food choices and developing healthful eating and physical activity habits.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has assigned a key message for each week of March:

  • Week 1: Eat a variety of nutritious foods.
  • Week 2: See a registered dietician nutritionist.
  • Week 3: Plan your meals and snacks.
  • Week 4: Create tasty foods at home.

Wellbeats’ nutrition classes provide on-demand access to recipes and tips to help you learn about and prepare delicious and nutritious foods. Our recipe collection includes downloadable recipes for your convenience, and our classes span a range of topics with tips to get kids interested in nutrition, guidelines for reading nutrition labels, nutrition basics, easy snacks for on the go, and more.

Celebrate a World of Flavors

This year’s National Nutrition Month theme is “Celebrate a World of Flavors.” According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the theme showcases flavors from cultures around the world as a tasty way to nourish ourselves and appreciate our diversity, emphasizing that we are all unique with different bodies, goals, backgrounds, and tastes.

Wellbeats’ recipe collection includes healthy, authentic recipes from all around the globe. With chicken satay from Singapore, salad Niçoise from France, vegan Indian curry from India, and chicken spinach strawberry salad from the United States, our recipe offerings include something for every palate.

Nourish Your Everyday Program

Try Wellbeats’ Nourish Your Everyday program.

Wellbeats members are encouraged to explore our high quality, expert-led nutrition classes this month. Choose from a variety of nutrition topics for a healthy body and mind, including the following:

  • Mood-boosting food recommendations
  • Recipes to support immune health
  • Healthy snack options
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Delicious recipes inspired by locations around the globe

Along with a variety of individual classes, our Nourish Your Everyday Program is a quick way to learn the basics of healthy eating and nutrition. All classes in this two-week program are taught with a simple, easy-to-follow approach, so you can take action right away—no more second-guessing or feeling stuck.

Our top nutrition experts will teach you all the tools and tips you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every day you will learn something new—portion control, what to eat after a workout, healthy snack ideas, cooking tips, and so much more. By the end of this challenge, you will confidently be ready to nourish your every day.

Join the Celebration

You’re invited to join Wellbeats as we celebrate National Nutrition Month. Here are three ways you can join the celebration:

  • Complete our “Nourish Your Everyday” program: No matter where you are, this two-week plan is a quick way to learn the basics of healthy eating and nutrition.
  • Explore our nutrition classes: Try a new recipe or learn a new cooking skill. Whether it’s finding ways to snack healthier or completely overhauling their diet, members can find the right content for their nutritional needs.
  • Share your story: The hashtag #WellbeatsForAll unites us all—despite differences of race, gender, age, interest, body type, or ability—to live a healthier life. We want to hear from you on your nutrition journey. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #WellbeatsForAll in your social media posts this month and beyond.

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