Christina's Tips to Combat Burnout

Burnout has taken on increased importance as the stresses of living and working through a global pandemic have pushed many people to and beyond their breaking points. To support you in your wellness journey, Wellbeats instructors are sharing their wellness insight and offering advice on ways to combat burnout.

Wellbeats instructor Christina S. is a functional nutritionist, nutrition coach, and owner of Prescribe Nutrition. Christina’s goal is to get people off diets for good. She is passionate about helping people eat based on what fuels the body and brings joy.

Wellbeats instructor Christina S
Wellbeats instructor Christina S.

Christina’s Philosophy on Nutrition to Combat Burnout

“We are less likely to reach burnout if we fill our plates with nutrient-dense foods, stay hydrated, move our bodies, and get enough sleep each day,” Christina said.

Connection Among Burnout, Mindfulness, and Nutrition

“I truly believe that our thoughts become our beliefs, which determine how we experience every situation,” Christina said. “Now apply this to your job. What thoughts are brewing in your mind about your workload, an upcoming presentation, your boss, or your coworker? Chances are your thoughts are directly affecting the way you are experiencing the circumstance.

“Being mindful of your thoughts is the first step in avoiding feelings of burnout. Oh, and piling on the veggies helps too!”

Christina’s Nutrition Tips to Combat Burnout

Meal plan and prep. I am a big believer in spending a couple hours each Sunday to prepare for the upcoming week. It makes it so much easier to pack your meals with nutrient-dense foods.

Get in the kitchen. Recent studies show that the average person spends two to three hours on social media each day, so yes, you have the time. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Making a big batch of rice, cooking chicken breasts or beans, and roasting a pan of vegetables can make multiple grab-and-go meals.

Eat mindfully! Eating while responding to emails or multitasking is hard on your digestive system. Take a deep breath before you begin your meal. Chew your food thoroughly, and take small sips of water while you eat (not gulps). Rushing through eating causes people to feel bloated.

Practice moderation with caffeine. When we are caffeinated, we are less able to be mindful—less mindful with our thoughts, actions, pace of eating, etc. Caffeine is a great way to kick off your day, but move to water or herbal teas for the remainder of the day to best support your body and mind.

Wellbeats instructor Christina Sandok
Budget Friendly Tips with Wellbeats instructor Christina S.

More Tips to Combat Burnout

To learn more tips to combat burnout from Wellbeats instructors, read our comprehensive industry report, “Get Personal: An Employer’s Guide to Ending Burnout” now.

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