December 14, 2022

Client Success Team Includes Avid Wellbeats Users


It comes as no surprise that the Wellbeats team members responsible for maximizing clients’ experience with Wellbeats are avid Wellbeats users themselves!

Meghan Gallagher, senior client success manager, and Zoë Monten, client success manager, share their personal experiences with Wellbeats and explain how Wellbeats’ entire client success team incorporates Wellbeats fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes into the workday. They also offer a few tips and best practices for using Wellbeats.

Meghan Gallagher
Meghan Gallagher

Who Is the Client Success Team?

Wellbeats’ client success team is made up of client success managers who specialize in program management and engagement strategy. Client success managers are responsible for ongoing strategic support to drive engagement on the Wellbeats platform.

The client success team provides clients with ongoing best practices, resources, and reporting to help drive engagement. Support includes eligibility file coordination, personalized member marketing and targeted communications, platform and incentive program integrations, data analytics, monthly meetings, client success webinars, resource toolkits, and more.

Client success managers may also work closely with key influencers, such as regional wellness champions or client leadership, to integrate strategies and maximize reach. Simply put, the client success team makes sure Wellbeats clients are set up for ongoing success!

Wellbeats Features Encourage Connection

Zoe Monten
Zoë Monten

Wellbeats is always refreshing content and adding features to improve the member experience. Earlier this year, Wellbeats added a scheduling tool, which allows members to schedule classes for themselves and invite others to join them. Another new feature, the social chat lobby, allows members to chat before, during, and after their scheduled class. The client success team knew the best way to learn about these features was to try them for themselves!

“We were testing this out as a group around the time that it launched and enjoyed being able to take a class together since all of us work remotely,” Zoë explained. “Now we ask a member of the team to volunteer each month to schedule a short class before our Monday morning meetings.”

“Sometimes we will use a Work Break class; other times we have started the day with a quick core exercise,” Zoë continued. “It is fun to see what other team members schedule and gives us all a bit of exposure to classes we may not have engaged in previously. We also are always providing each other class suggestions for workouts or recipes we tried and loved!”

Not only has the client success team used the scheduling feature to try new classes, but they’ve appreciated the accountability that Wellbeats’ scheduling tool provides.

“If I accept a class invite from one of my peers, I cannot and will not miss it!” Meghan said. “I love how this tool not only holds you accountable but adds the social connectivity that our team is always striving to achieve within our fully remote roles.”

Chair Yoga
Chair Yoga, a class from Wellbeats’ Give Me a Work Break program

Best Practices for Using Wellbeats

The client success team advises Wellbeats clients on best practices for using Wellbeats’ scheduling tool and other strategies to set them up for success. Being able to share their firsthand use of Wellbeats during the workday builds credibility. It also helps the team provide clients with the best possible guidance.

“Playing Wellbeats classes before, during, or after a meeting is one of the best ways to expose the variety of classes that we offer,” Meghan said. “Many of our clients start by doing this in their meetings with wellness champion or HR leaders, and then it’s a trickle effect down to their local teams’ meetings. This small and easy task sends a message to employees that their company cares about them and encourages them to take time throughout the workday for a self-care activity.”

Along with scheduling classes to take together, there are other small ways to boost engagement with Wellbeats. Sharing class recommendations, adding favorite classes to email signatures, or highlighting a Wellbeats class of the week or month are other best practices the client success team recommends.

“We’re always encouraging our clients to be strategic in their promotion of Wellbeats to achieve certain goals or align with initiatives,” Zoë said. “I think that sometimes people can be offered something awesome, but if they aren’t sure where to start or have reservations, experiencing it secondhand or with a group of peers can be just what they need to take the first step.”

Elevated Yoga Flow
Elevated Yoga Flow

Wellbeats Beyond the Workday

Both Zoë and Meghan are regular Wellbeats users outside the workday, too. Zoë’s favorite classes at the moment are Elevated Yoga Flow with Kim, Yoga Strength with Barb, Foundational Strength with Acacia, and All About the Abs with Tina. Meanwhile, Meghan loves Wellbeats’ injury prevention and recovery classes, high-energy kickboxing classes, and meal planning and prep classes.

“I use Wellbeats, outside of work, nearly every day in some way or another,” Zoë said. “It has become my personal one-stop shop for wellness content. Prior to Wellbeats, I used a variety of apps and attended different studios. I love that with Wellbeats, I have one resource.”

Meghan turns to Wellbeats as a resource for everything from injury prevention and recovery, workouts, and nutrition.

“Wellbeats kickboxing classes are so fun, high energy, and truly for any fitness level—you can make them as easy or hard as you want them to be!” Meghan said. “Wellbeats has also become my go-to resource for meal planning and prep. I created a ‘recipe’ list in my Class Library and store all my favorites there to make it really easy to reference back the how-to video and recipe card that go along with each one. I made the pineapple guacamole for a family get together recently—it was a big hit!

“I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck sitting at a desk all day, so I take our Work Break and Injury Prevention/Mobility classes on a regular basis to keep my posture in check,” Meghan added. “It’s amazing what a one- or two-minute class can do for your mind and body.”

Pineapple Guacamole
Pineapple Guacamole

All Eyes on Employee Wellbeing

Wellbeats’ class collection includes over 1,000 fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes available to members whenever and wherever they’re most comfortable. The depth and breadth of class content offered by Wellbeats is something both Zoë and Meghan appreciate.

“Just when I think we have a little bit of everything, we add something new that was totally unexpected,” Zoë said. “Pull out your rebounders or kiddie trampolines, people, we have classes for those!”

Meghan agrees. She also appreciates how Wellbeats truly listens to client and member feedback and incorporates it into the overall product strategy.

“The amount and variety of content we offer is a direct reflection of feedback from our users,” Meghan said. “Along these same lines, I love that we adapt to what employees need, when they’re needing it.

“We also work with our clients to provide content promotions based on global current events, or what might be impacting their workforce at the local level. Supporting employees with their wellbeing is Wellbeats’ top priority, and I think that shines through.”

About Wellbeats, a LifeSpeak company

Wellbeats, a LifeSpeak company is a leading provider of on-demand virtual fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes for use in workplaces of all sizes, health plans, on college or university campuses, multi-family housing, the U.S. military, and fitness and health clubs. Based in St. Louis Park, MN, Wellbeats makes fitness accessible, affordable, and approachable for everyone. More than 1,000 classes and 35+ programs are available to help members stay on track and meet their goals. To learn more, visit or check out a sampling of the company’s fitness classes during a Facebook Live class, and follow Wellbeats on LinkedInFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.