Cooking and Eating Together


Celebrate Social Wellness Month in the kitchen and enjoy cooking and eating together using Wellbeats’ nutrition collection!

From holiday traditions and birthday cakes to family dinners and meetings over coffee, food often lands at the center of our connections with others. Eating together can serve as a means of reinforcing our social relationships.

Wellbeats’ expert-led, on-demand nutrition classes provide people of all ages with delicious meal ideas, fun cooking lessons, and healthy eating tips while offering an approachable and accessible way to fuel your health and wellbeing.


Share Your Nutrition Journey

Sharing your nutrition journey with others has never been easier! Wellbeats has three social features specifically designed to help members to connect with one another. Schedule classes to take with others, chat with others before, during, and after scheduled classes, or invite friends and family to use Wellbeats with you. There are endless ways to boost your social wellness using food. Try one of the following:


Nutrition for All

Wellbeats makes it easier than ever to connect with others around nutrition. Choose from a variety of nutrition topics for a healthy body and mind, such as mood-boosting food recommendations, recipes to support immune health, healthy snack options, cooking demonstrations, and global-inspired recipes.

With nutrition classes designed for pregnancy, refueling after a workout, getting kids interested in nutrition, and more, Wellbeats’ nutrition collection offers something for everyone.

Launch My Health

Wellbeats recently expanded its nutrition collection with a partnership with food as medicine company Launch My Health. This partnership provides access to six new nutrition and culinary programs that offer support in preventing, managing, and improving chronic diseases.

Invite a friend or family member to try one of the six new Launch My Health programs with you. Program topics include:

  • Optimizing nutrition to improve brain health and reduce the risk of neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • Restoring gut health to manage chronic conditions and symptoms
  • Managing hormonal changes that occur as women age
  • Reducing inflammation to improve chronic conditions
  • Building basic and advanced skills and confidence in the kitchen
  • Getting kids excited about cooking, while teaching basic kitchen skills and safety

About Wellbeats, a LifeSpeak company

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