Join our Create Your Calm program whenever you need stillness, peace, and calm in your life. Many people could benefit from more calm during the busy, stressful holiday season, but the program is available whenever you need it most.

The Create Your Calm program encourages you to slow down and be present in the current moment using mindfulness practices. The daily activities in this program are designed to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Ready to get started?

Mindfulness invites you to approach each moment with kindness and generosity.

Create Your Calm Program

Create Your Calm is a two-week schedule of mindfulness, breathing, and meditation-style classes. The program is designed to help you to pause, breathe, and create calm. All classes in the Create Your Calm program are under 30 minutes in length, and no equipment is necessary.

Classes in this program introduce you to meditation and mindfulness techniques, encourage the practice of gratitude, and aim to help you focus your thoughts and energy on the present moment, all while achieving a sense of calm and reducing stress.

The program begins with Intro to Meditation where Wellbeats instructor Nicole L. guides you through the benefits of mindfulness, how to practice it, and shares ways to incorporate meditation throughout your day. Throughout the program, you’ll have more opportunities to engage in mindfulness practice through classes like Finding Stillness and Gratitude Meditation. You’ll incorporate breath in Mindful Breathing and Mindful Breath Meditation and incorporate your body in Body Scan Meditation and Sukham Mudra.

Wellbeats instructor Nicole L. leads a meditation session from a seated pose with candles lit in the background.
Intro to Meditation with Wellbeats instructor Nicole L.

One-Minute Mindfulness Practice

If you’re short on time or space, engage your five senses to become more present and mindful, even for just one minute at a time.

Use this simple practice at work or at home anytime you need a quick mindfulness check-in.

Create Your Calm Now

Already a Wellbeats member? Enroll in Create Your Calm now. Don’t forget to share your progress on social media with the hashtag #WellbeatsForAll.

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