Fitness for the Whole Family

Studies show regular exercise can reduce the risk of a major illness, improve your mental health and mood, and support your overall health and wellbeing—regardless of your age.

Wellbeats’ high-quality, expert-led fitness classes can help people of all ages live a happier, healthier life. From creative, learning-based activities for kids to healthy-aging classes for older adults and all interests and abilities in between, Wellbeats has something for everyone.

A man does a pushup with a child on his back

Physical Activity Benefits for All Ages

Regular physical activity throughout your lifetime is one of the most important things you can do for your physical health and mental wellbeing. The benefits to physical health include weight management, lowered risk of disease and chronic conditions, and improved fitness and strength.

Mental health benefits of exercise range from an instant mood boost to a decreased risk of depression. The JAMA Psychiatry published a report suggesting that substantial mental health benefits can be achieved at physical activity levels even below the public health recommendations, with additional benefit for meeting the minimum recommended target but limited extra benefit beyond that. “Assuming causality, one in nine cases of depression might have been prevented if everybody in the population was active at the level of current health recommendations,” the report concluded.

Physical activity supports the growth and development of children as well. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the health benefits of regular physical activity in children and adolescents include improved academic performance through improved attention and memory, improved strength by building strong muscles and bones, and improved long-term health by reducing the risk of several chronic diseases.

Likewise, physical activity offers unique benefits to aging adults. It can help alleviate physical ailments that are more common with age. In older adults, the key benefits of physical activity include preventing bone loss, relieving osteoarthritis pain, and helping prevent chronic diseases, according to the National Council on Aging (NCOA). Additionally, the CDC reports that physical activity helps older adults maintain the ability to live independently and maintains healthy bones, muscles, and joints, in turn reducing the risk of falling and fracturing bones.

Healthy aging

Fitness for All Ages with Wellbeats

Wellbeats’ fitness collection includes something for all ages with over 1,000 classes including yoga, HIIT, strength training, running and walking, cycling, circuits, kickboxing, dancing, work breaks, stretching, injury prevention, and so much more. Education-based classes are led by certified, relatable instructors, and goal-based programs engage the whole person—and whole population—in fitness.

Commit to Fit Program

Inspired by the U.S. Air Force’s Physical Fitness Test prep, this program is designed to help you advance in endurance, strength, and cardio fitness. Whether you’re training for a fitness assessment or simply looking to maximize your own potential, this program will help you perform your best. Track your progress with a Wellbeats fit test at the start and end of the plan to see how far you’ve come. Already a Wellbeats member? Enroll in Commit to Fit now.

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Move, Play, and Have Fun with Wellbeats

Every child should have the same opportunity to be healthy and strong. With inclusivity at the forefront, Wellbeats’ content for kids helps kids of all ages and abilities explore new ways to release energy, create happy memories, and—most of all—have fun. With classes such as Animals Barnyard with Lynnea D., Rev Your Engine with Sara J., or Super Heroes with Sean L., a unique blend of structured and unstructured play benefits the mind and body with a focus on developing motor skills, balance, control, and coordination.

Led by our team of certified, friendly instructors, all kids can feel comfortable, confident, and supported in setting a strong foundation for a lifetime of good health. Classes are for kids of all interests, ages, and abilities, but the whole family can join in on the fun!

Family Fitness Fun Program

Work out with the whole family! This four-week program is designed to help families and kids ages six and up stay active, have fun, and experience a variety of workouts including strength training, dancing, circuits, and yoga. Already a Wellbeats member? Enroll in Family Fitness Fun now.

Wellbeats instructor Lynnea D leads the kids fitness class Animals Barnyard
Animals Barnyard with Lynnea D.

Active Aging with Wellbeats

Wellbeats’ fitness classes designed for older adults and healthy aging focus on joint mobility, flexibility, and injury recovery and prevention with classes such as Morning Mobility with Darcy M., Low Impact Cardio with Katie H., or Lower Back Release with Alex M.

Whether you’re looking for ways to retain or gain strength as you age, prevent injury, rehabilitate injuries, or improve your overall mobility, Wellbeats can guide you and support you in your everyday living.

Daily Mobility Program

Improve your mobility, stabilization, and strength in just three weeks. Created by Dr. Grant Norland, this program includes daily exercises to improve mobility in common pain-point areas such as low back, knees, neck, ankles, and shoulders. Already a Wellbeats member? Enroll in Daily Mobility now.

Morning Mobility with Darcy M.
Morning Mobility with Darcy M.

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