August 29, 2022

Get Sports Ready with Wellbeats

Wellbeats instructor Tina M. smiles while holding a single dumbbell in her left hand.

Prepare for golf, tennis, swimming, skiing, or running with Wellbeats! With classes focused on strength, flexibility, mobility, and stability, Wellbeats is here to help you get sports ready for your upcoming season.

Prepare for Golf with Wellbeats

Fairway Flexibility with Kim W.: This yoga program is designed to increase shoulder and hip flexibility and strengthen all the muscles important to your golf swing.

Golf Ready Circuit: This total-body circuit is designed to improve your mobility and power next time you’re on the golf course.

Swing Strong with Kim W.: This 20-minute class includes three different circuits designed to strengthen the major muscle groups used in a golf swing.

Wellbeats instructor Kim W. leads exercises designed to improve your golf swing.
Fairway Flexibility with Kim W.

Prepare for Tennis with Wellbeats

Tennis Prep with Tina M.: Up your tennis game with this short, nine-minute class specifically designed to build mobility and range of motion in the muscles used while playing tennis.

Get Ready to Swing with Kim W.: These warm-up exercises focus on your backside, ankle stability, and balance to prepare you to swing in tennis or golf.

Tennis Ready with Tina M.: In this class, Wellbeats instructor Tina M. leads you through exercises and dynamic stretches for before getting on the court and additional stretches for recovery after playing tennis.

Wellbeats instructor Tina M. smiles while holding a single dumbbell in her left hand.
Tennis Prep with Tina M.

Prepare for Swimming with Wellbeats

Swim Strong with Kim W.: This strengthening workout for swimmers features three different circuits that work all the muscles used in swimming while also working the opposing muscles for stability.

Swim Ready Circuit: This total-body cardio and strength circuit is designed to help improve both speed and endurance next time you’re in the water.

Post-Swim Recovery with Kim W.: In this 15-minute recovery class, you’ll roll out and stretch some of the main muscles used in swimming. It’s a great addition to your regular swim workout to help you feel more limber as you move smoothly through the water.

Wellbeats instructor Kim W. leads Post-Swim Recovery stretches.
Post-Swim Recovery with Kim W.

Prepare for Skiing with Wellbeats

Ski Smooth & Strong with Jodi S.: In this class, you’ll perform two quick sets of work to strengthen and stabilize your body and prepare you for your skiing sports!

Ski Ready Circuit: This 20-minute, bodyweight-only circuit is designed to tone and strengthen all the muscles you use while skiing. Get ready to sweat!

Wellbeats instructor Jodi S. leads Ski Smooth and Strong
Ski Smooth & Strong with Jodi S.

Prepare for Running with Wellbeats

Ladder Love with Carrie T.: This ladder starts with a five-minute push, goes all the way down to one, then goes all the way back up to five! That’s right—enjoy the progression down and up for an amazing cardio workout!

Running Strong with Jodee T.: This strength-based workout is designed to improve running form and decrease risk of injury by focusing on core and hip stability.

Extended Stretch with Carrie T.: Need to recover after a long run? You’ve earned it! Try this 12-minute stretch to relieve those hard-working muscles.

Wellbeats instructor Carrie T. leads a running workout on the treadmill.
Ladder Love with Carrie T.

Athletic Performance Level 1 and 2 Programs

Wellbeats also has two programs designed to help all athletes take their fitness to the next level.

Athletic Performance Level 1 walks you through a series of circuit-style classes to engage your muscles in new and different ways, igniting your body to perform better in everything you love to do. These foundational classes are designed to help you be your best while moving and keep you safe. Enroll in Athletic Performance Level 1 now.

Athletic Performance Level 2 is all about progression, taking the foundation established in Level 1 and improving on your performance and how your body responds. These next-level classes are designed to help you continue to be your best while moving and keep you safe. Enroll in Athletic Performance Level 2 now.

About Wellbeats, a LifeSpeak company

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