December 22, 2021

Growth & Gratitude in 2021


Wellbeats extends heartfelt appreciation to our entire family – clients, members, partners, employees, board members, and friends – who contributed to a banner year in 2021. We dubbed the year “Growth & Gratitude” as we are grateful for the opportunity to support our members in living a healthier life with 1,000+ fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes and programs they can play anytime, anywhere.

Refreshed member experience

Wellbeats’ biggest news this year is the rollout of our refreshed app and member experience powered by improved technology. This new experience is designed to introduce a more personalized, interactive, and inspiring health journey for our members. We collected feedback from clients, members, partners, and other thought leaders to inform our product innovation, and designed an entirely new experience that is approachable, accessible, and affordable.

Wellbeats App

Refreshed Wellbeats brand

Along with our member experience refresh, Wellbeats updated the look and feel of our brand identity and logo. The brand voice of Wellbeats is friendly, energetic, and motivates our members to pursue wellbeing in all areas of their life. Wellbeats is reliable and encouraging and makes fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness personal by offering something for everyone. Our exhaustive on-demand library of programs delights people of all ages and abilities.

Here is the look of our new corporate website (

Wellbeats Website
And the new versions of our logo:
New Wellbeats Logos

Show Your Pride was a hit!

We made strides this year in expanding our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The largest event was a new Pride Month celebration in June. More than 120 companies joined us and played more than 44,500 class minutes in the Show Your Pride challenge.

Show Your Pride!

New classes for kids including those with disabilities

With inclusivity at the forefront of both our brand refresh and programs, we were thrilled to release new classes for kids including those with disabilities. Of the 500+ new classes released this year, 24 were designed by experts in child development and education and include fitness activities, mindfulness breaks, and movements centered around creativity, learning, and exploration.

Wellbeats kids classes

New “Mind, Body, Renew” category

These new meditation and restorative yoga classes are taught by trained meditation and self-care experts and are designed to connect the mind and body. They provide many mental and physical benefits, including:

  • Improving self-awareness and gratitude
  • Establishing inner peace and acceptance
  • Practicing compassion and introspection
  • Reducing stress

Central to these new classes and programs is the expertise of our instructors, including Greta, Chance, and Maya.

Wellbeats Instructors
Greta is Reiki Master and certified Yoga and meditation instructor. Chance is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and leads public and private practices. Maya earned 500-RYT (registered yoga teacher) and is working toward 1,000-hour IAYT yoga therapy certification.

Expanded class offerings

Wellbeats releases new and refreshed classes every month. Of the hundreds of classes released in 2021, 72 are in the Nutrition category and more than 50 are refreshed Work Breaks classes.

Wellbeats Expanded Class Offerings

Coming in 2022

The momentum has just begun as we head into 2022. Here are some highlights of platform and program enhancements we have in the works:

Platform enhancements

Staying active and healthy is easier when you do it with friends, and Wellbeats will offer opportunities for members to form groups and interact with each other:

  • Ability to interact before, during, and after classes taken with others
  • Global calendar of classes that members can join and take together
  • Ability to form groups with common interests (e.g., work group taking a fitness, nutrition, or mindfulness class together)

In addition, those with a competitive spirit will be able to challenge each other (individually or within a shared group), and a new look and feel for Apple TV will debut.

Program enhancements

We will continue adding and enhancing classes every month, including:

  • Top categories (we continuously refresh our top-rated classes and programs)
  • Common musculoskeletal ailments, such as healthy shoulders, knees, and neck
  • Functional nutrition (e.g., gut health)
  • Fitness classes for those with physical disabilities
  • Programs and classes for those 65+
  • New kids/youth classes

We are grateful for your support and look forward to 2022!

Download the Wellbeats 2021 Growth & Gratitude flyer