How to Improve Employee Wellbeing by Combating Burnout

Today’s blurred work-life boundaries continue to take a toll on employee wellbeing—so much so that 89% of employees say they’ve experienced burnout over the past year.

Employers know that the increase in burnout comes with a significant human cost by contributing to poor health. Burnout negatively impacts job performance by reducing efficiency, increasing absenteeism, and leading to higher attrition rates.

Financially, burnout adds between $125 billion and $190 billion each year in healthcare costs and costs employers $3,400 of every $10,000 in salary because of disengagement.

Employee Burnout Webinar Screenshot

What warning signs and symptoms of employee burnout should employers watch for? What steps can leaders take to support employee wellbeing and mental health? How can employers overcome the threat of employee burnout?

In a new webinar, “Combating Burnout: Action Steps to Improve Employee Wellbeing and Create a Culture of Health,” Wellbeats Senior Vice President for Corporate Sales Sarah Ziemer and Wellbeats instructor Becky Cutraro discuss employee burnout and its prevalence, warning signs, and prevention tips.

Find out how top employers have pivoted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to empower their employees with wellbeing strategies that address their diverse needs, and learn proven fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness strategies that you can use to reduce burnout, both in the workplace and in your daily life.

Wellbeats helps support employee wellbeing by providing on-demand access to 1,000+ virtual fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes. With classes available for users of all ages and ability levels, Wellbeats makes it simple to equip employees with the resources they need to overcome burnout and improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Wellbeats’ comprehensive industry report “Get Personal: An Employer’s Guide to Ending Burnout” further covers wellbeing strategies that address the diverse needs of employees in combating employee burnout.

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