HR Daily Advisor: Four Tips for Workday Nutrition

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Wellbeats Senior Vice President of Product Jeff Kennefick authored an article published in HR Daily Advisor on four tips for workday nutrition. Read “Four Tips for Workday Nutrition That Hit Home” now.

The conversation around workday nutrition has undergone seismic changes in the past two years. An ongoing shift to remote work means employers have less direct impact on how their employees eat while simultaneously transforming employees’ food options and meal schedules in ways that may challenge them to make sound food choices. These changes have had both positive and negative impacts on the way people eat when they’re on the clock, and the way employees respond can impact their health just as much as how they choose to be active.

The article outlines four ways that employers and human resources professionals can improve employee nutrition and encourage employees to eat healthier during the workday.

  • Communicate to educate.
  • Nurture interest in cooking.
  • Help employees level up in the kitchen.
  • Make food as social as possible.

The shift to remote work has numerous implications for employee wellbeing, but with proper planning and strategic communications, employers can help employees develop the knowledge, skills, and good habits they need to maintain good eating habits whether they take their lunch in the break room or the dining room.

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