Jan's Tips to Combat Burnout

Gentle Flow with Jan J.

Burnout has taken on increased importance as the stresses of living and working through a global pandemic have pushed many people to and beyond their breaking points. To support you in your wellness journey, Wellbeats instructors are sharing their wellness insight and offering advice on ways to combat burnout.

Wellbeats instructor Jan J.’s yoga credentials include certifications to teach yoga participants and teachers, including ACE Group Fitness and NASM Personal Trainer. She also has a Precision Nutrition Certification and is a professional vegan chef. Jan’s gentle, calming teaching approach stems from her intuitive nature and the energy coming from participants.

Wellbeats instructor Jan J
Wellbeats instructor Jan J.

Jan’s Philosophy on Mindfulness to Combat Burnout

I’ve thought about this quite a lot, and what I want to say is that first of all we all must acknowledge what we feel and give it validation—not try to block it, hide from it, or run away from it,” Jan said of her philosophy to combat burnout. “I suppose THAT would be my philosophy.

“I’ve experienced burnout myself, so I know the symptoms. I have learned over the years just how to manage and avoid burnout by using my mindfulness and trusting my inner spirit.

“I’ve seen new yoga teachers begin the burnout stages,” Jan continued. “I often mentor them, telling them it will happen, especially after the honeymoon phase of being a newly certified yoga teacher wears off (teaching 13 classes a week).”

Connection Between Burnout and Mindfulness

“Burnout is more than being tired or exhausted,” Jan said. “It’s where you have no enthusiasm and possibly start feeling negativity toward your job. It is an overwhelming feeling for simply not having anything else to give, and you start to second guess what you’re doing—second guessing that very thing that you have had passion for!

“It’s the feeling of being completely drained—extreme tiredness, low feelings, low energy, numbness, and constantly feeling on the verge of tears. These feelings and those tears are your spirit trying to communicate with you. You need a break!”

Jan’s Mindfulness Tips to Combat Burnout

Mindfulness is that ability to acknowledge what you’re feeling and give yourself permission to rest when needed. That means taking a break away from what you are doing—not just for a few hours. You might need days to “recover yourself.”

Create and maintain boundaries! We know instinctively when we are getting to the point of burnout, yet we ignore it—some of us to the point of moving from burnout to breakdown.

Don’t be shy about being your own advocate.

Find joy whenever and as often as possible.

Take the time to get to know yourself. Burnout doesn’t happen overnight. It builds up gradually. Take the time to understand and know your own buildup. Then take the necessary steps—before it gets to that point—to refuel, restore, and rejuvenate yourself.

Gentle Flow with Jan J.
Gentle Flow with Wellbeats instructor Jan J.

More Tips to Combat Burnout

To learn more tips to combat burnout from Wellbeats instructors, read our comprehensive industry report, “Get Personal: An Employer’s Guide to Ending Burnout” now.

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