Jodi's Tips to Combat Burnout

Hip Mobility with Jodi

Burnout has taken on increased importance as the stresses of living and working through a global pandemic have pushed many people to and beyond their breaking points. To support you in your wellness journey, Wellbeats instructors are sharing their wellness insight and offering advice on ways to combat burnout.

Wellbeats instructor Jodi S. is a performance coach who works with athletes to improve strength and conditioning both in and out of their season. She works with post-rehab clients in Pilates and strength training to rehabilitate after injury and help them get back to movement they love.

With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, and a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, Jodi is a top-notch coach and motivator. Her Wellbeats classes are fun, effective, and accessible to participants of all ages and abilities.

Rev Stretch 2 with Jodi
Wellbeats instructor Jodi S.

Jodi’s Philosophy on Fitness to Combat Burnout

“Balance is the epiphany that you don’t have to be everything to everyone, all of the time.”―Vanessa Autrey

Ask yourself what drives and motivates you. Is it intrinsic or extrinsic? Is it something you are willing to do short-term or long-term? We all have a baseline for where we start and a limit that we can work toward.

I believe in progressive and consistent increases in work, rest, and responsibilities over time.

I also believe that there are seasons and reasons to push and work hard and seasons and reasons to rest and reset. What season are you in currently? What are your reasons for pushing or resting? Making choices based on these can help us learn to listen to our bodies.

Jodi’s Fitness Tips to Combat Burnout

Define your boundaries and time for self-care, exercise, and proper nutrition. Start small to provide success through small wins and increase from there.

Celebrate your wins with something you enjoy that stays within the boundaries of improved health and wellbeing, such as a massage, workout gear, or clothing.

Include others in your goals and aspirations for health, providing accountability, support, and even a little healthy competition!

Hip Mobility with Jodi
Hip Mobility with Jodi S.

More Tips to Combat Burnout

To learn more tips to combat burnout from Wellbeats instructors, read our comprehensive industry report, “Get Personal: An Employer’s Guide to Ending Burnout” now.

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