Meet Wellbeats Instructor Sara Jespersen

Wellbeats instructor Sara J

In recognition of Women’s History Month, we are celebrating our women instructors. Get to know Wellbeats instructor Sara Jespersen, a 15-year veteran of the fitness industry who has spent time as a business owner, writer, nutritionist, instructor, and personal trainer. She is energetic and passionate about helping people achieve healthy results.

Wellbeats instructor Sara Jespersen’s approach to fitness is one of joy, encouragement, and appreciation. In fact, positivity along with activity are at the core of Sara’s life. Optimism and gratitude shine through in her energetic disposition as both a fitness teacher instructing classes and a fitness participant staying active to take care of her own health and wellbeing.

“I absolutely love seeing people achieve and grow in their self-confidence, so being part of that journey is extremely rewarding and fun,” Sara said.

Whether she’s leading a high intensity cardio class in the Wellbeats studio, heading out the door on an early morning run, or boating or hiking with her family and friends, Sara makes her active lifestyle fun, and her positive energy is contagious.

Kinetics Tutorial with Sara J
Wellbeats instructor Sara Jespersen leads Kinetics Tutorial class.

Joy in Movement

Fitness and sports have always been part of Sara’s life. She played sports in high school and took on a coaching role in college when she began working as an assistant strength coach, personal trainer, and fitness instructor.

As a freshman in college, I remember spending countless hours in the studio trying to create new moves or exercise combinations,” Sara said.

Fast forward to today. Sara has nearly two decades of experience owning multiple fitness-centered businesses, including an Anytime Fitness franchise and Trumi, a group training bootcamp that combines training, nutrition, and community.

Despite all the time and energy she has spent in the fitness studio, Sara also loves the outdoors.

“I am an outdoorsy girl,” Sara said. “Despite owning gyms my whole professional life, I still do each workout outdoors year around. It’s how I start each day—at 5 a.m. I hit the ground running.”

Wellbeats instructor Sara J hiking
Hiking in the Tetons

Positivity in Coaching

A positive, encouraging approach to her work as a fitness instructor and personal trainer comes natural for Sara. She takes a simple, joyous approach in hopes that others will find joy in movement.

I try to get people to enjoy the process and find the joy in the ritual of exercise instead of obsessing about the goal only,” Sara said. “Oftentimes people get disheartened if they don’t hit a goal, and they quit. The joy and success lie in the process, not just the result.”

Don’t mistake Sara’s positive outlook and emphasis on enjoyment for one of ease though. She works hard and encourages other to do the same. And she is the first to say that her favorite workouts are extreme.

“I love to combine strength and cardio in a way you are always doubling down on the workload so that I can save time,” she said.

From quick one-minute mood boosting classes to full-body, high intensity cardio workouts, Sara brings infectious energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge to her Wellbeats classes.

Mood Boost class with Sara J
Wellbeats instructor Sara Jespersen leads Mood Boost class.

Positive Mental Rewards

Along with the obvious physical results, Sara points to mental wellbeing as one of the primary benefits of fitness.

“You start to feel better—better about the effort, better about yourself, better about your strength,” Sara said. “From there, more transformation happens the more you engage, but people just plain old feel better when they get their body moving.”

The connection between mental wellbeing and fitness is obvious as people who exercise regularly are found to have better mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Accordingly, fitness—and nature—are where Sara turns when she needs to recharge mentally.

“Being outside, cutting off tech, and being with friends and family all fill me up, so when I’m feeling depleted, I run toward those things.”

Wellbeats instructor Sara Jespersen and family
Wellbeats instructor Sara Jespersen and family

Her approach to her own physical health and mental wellbeing also includes making health a priority. Her top priority in fact.

“Anything that’s important we make time for,” Sara said. “Nothing is more important than health. Sadly, most of us don’t appreciate that until our health is taken away from us, and then it’s often too late.”

Take a Wellbeats Class with Sara

Sara’s high energy and extreme training style will help bring you to a new level of fitness. Her passion to help others see healthy results is evident in each of her classes! Wellbeats members are encouraged to take one of Sara’s classes now.

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