Mental Health with You in Mind

A woman stretches her neck in front of a computer

Feeling stuck or looking for support in improving your health and wellbeing? Join our “You in Mind” exploratory program for a sampling of Wellbeats’ fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes to guide you in living a happier, healthier lifestyle.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Wellbeats is here to support you. While some programs focus on fitness alone, Wellbeats offers classes to support both physical health and mental wellbeing.

A woman stretches her neck in front of a computer
May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

“Oftentimes we think of our mind and body as separate, but our mental and physical health are actually interconnected,” said Wellbeats instructor Hector M., a licensed mental health professional and veteran trained in DBT and EDMR (certified therapist, approved consultant, and trainer).

Our “You in Mind” program is all about YOU. As you sample classes from our fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness collections, Hector M. guides you by providing short mindfulness check-ins that will help you practice self-reflection, strengthen the mind-body connection, and focus on your personal health and wellbeing.

“This program is all about keeping you and your health top of mind,” Hector M. said. “You will have the chance to explore all types of classes Wellbeats has to offer. This includes workouts, mindfulness and meditation classes, nutrition education, healthy recipes, and more. I’ll be here to help support you in finding what works best for you and your body.

“You might really enjoy certain classes and others, maybe not as much. And that’s okay. This program is all about you testing the waters, so you can walk away knowing what works for you to help you feel your best.”

Wellbeats instructor Hector M
Wellbeats instructor Hector M.

As you work through the program, Hector M. encourages you to identify how each class in the program makes you feel to discover what works best for you. Take this opportunity to explore a wide range of health and wellness topics and learn new ways to personalize your Wellbeats experience beyond the program.

Ladder Up! with Alex M. will boost your heart rate and your mood, and you’ll learn how nutrition can support emotional resilience in Boost Your Mood with Chef Marshall. In Essential Yin with Jan J., you’ll be guided through a simple practice to balance and relax your mind.

From all varieties of exercise to meditation, yoga, and nutrition, Wellbeats’ virtual inclusive, accessible classes take a well-rounded approach to wellbeing and give everyone the tools they need to live a healthier life.

Already a Wellbeats member? Enroll in our “You in Mind” program now.

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