Nutrition for Mental Health


There is a connection between what we eat and how we feel—both physically and mentally.

Food and emotions tend to go hand-in-hand. People often eat out of stress or boredom and have comfort foods they turn to in trying times. Certain foods play a role in celebrations, holiday traditions, and even daily rituals that stir specific emotions. The relationship between nutrition and mental health, however, is much more complex than stress eating or “treating yourself.”


Nutrition Tips for Mood Stability

In a LifeSpeak blog on the connection between food and mood, registered dietician and nutritionist Nishta Saxena explains the role food plays in how our moods are regulated, including both positive and negative effects. Saxena offers several nutrition tips to promote healthy mood stability—including eating mostly whole fruits and vegetables, staying hydrated, and avoiding ultra-processed foods.

Wellbeats Classes on Nutrition and Mindfulness

Wellbeats’ class offerings on nutrition and mindfulness provide an educational framework for two areas that are key to physical health and mental wellbeing. Prioritizing these two areas—together or separately—can significantly improve your overall wellbeing.

Whether it’s strategically incorporating more nutrient-dense foods into your life or forming mindful eating habits, you can find the right content for your nutritional and mental health needs. The three Wellbeats classes outlined below combine nutrition tips with mindfulness techniques.

Wellbeats Class: Mindful Eating 101

Mindfulness is all about being in the present moment, including mealtimes. In this Q&A, nutrition expert Dr. Kim Waters shares her top tips and exercises to help take control of your eating habits with mindful eating. Take our Mindful Eating 101 class now.

Mindful Eating 101 class
Mindful Eating 101 class

What Our Members Are Saying

“This was an interesting topic. I have actually been practicing Mindful Eating for couple years and I love it!”—Ana, Wellbeats member

“Good information. Very helpful.”—Shari, Wellbeats member

“Helpful, being mindful of using five senses was a new concept for me. I’ll watch it again to glean more from it.”—Wellbeats member

Wellbeats Class: Boost Your Mood

Looking for a fresh, healthy option that will help boost your mood? Chef Marshall offers nutritional tips while he walks you through preparation of a delicious barley berry kale salad. Take our Boost Your Mood class now.

Boost Your Mood class
Boost Your Mood class

What Our Members Are Saying

“Can’t wait to try this! Looks great & I’m sure will taste delicious. Will definitely share with my friends and family!”—Stacia, Wellbeats member

“Looks delish! Can’t wait to try! Great class!!!”—Lauren, Wellbeats member

“Great video. Very informative.”—Xiaozhong, Wellbeats member

Wellbeats Class: Cooking to Reduce Stress

Chef Marshall O’Brien helps you relieve stress by guiding you through stress-reducing foods and demonstrating a simple recipe for creamy avocado chicken salad. Take our Cooking to Reduce Stress class now.

Cooking to Reduce Stress
Cooking to Reduce Stress class

What Our Members Are Saying

“This looks easy and delicious! I can’t wait to give it a try.”—Rebekah, Wellbeats member

“Such an easy recipe. Looks good too.”—Michelle, Wellbeats member

“Made this for dinner last night and ate it with pocket pitas. It was delicious! We can’t wait to have it again and experiment with additional ingredients!”—Katie, Wellbeats member

“I like how he explained why the foods are stress reducers.”—Wellbeats member

The relationship between nutrition and mental health is undoubtedly complex. By paying attention to how the foods you eat make you feel—both physically and mentally—you’ll be able to identify and incorporate the nutritious foods that help you feel your best.

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