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How to Get Started with Wellbeats Guide

Download this guide with 8 tips to make the most of your Wellbeats Wellness experience.

Wellbeats Equipment List Guide

Download this guide with a full list of equipment options and how to filter classes by the equipment you have available.

Wellbeats Programs Catalog

Discover all types of goal-based programs you can join on Wellbeats Wellness to help you stay on track. Programs includes: Create Your Calm (2 weeks), Find Your Fit (4 weeks), Healthy Back (5 Weeks), Lose Weight (8 weeks), and Train for a 5K (5 weeks).

Wellbeats Category Catalog

Discover all types of classes you can find on Wellbeats in the Wellbeats Category Catalog. Includes strength, running/walking, yoga, cardio, kids, nutrition education, recipes, mental wellness, work breaks, and so much more.