Our own Wellbeats super-user gains strength and self-confidence


When Jane Lund, Wellbeats regional sales director, was asked what Wellbeats means to her, she literally started getting choked up.

“In early 2021, a friend invited me to attend an in-person group fitness class with her,” Jane said. “Before Wellbeats, I almost certainly would have declined out of self-consciousness. But because of the hundreds of Wellbeats workouts I’d completed in my living room, I developed the comfort level to say yes!”

Jane joins Wellbeats before COVID-19 strikes

When Jane joined Wellbeats’ corporate sales team in February of 2020, she had no idea she had just gained a friend and companion for the pandemic shutdown.

“Wellbeats was a great resource to have during the height of the COVID pandemic,” Jane said. “I lived alone in my studio apartment, just me and my dog. It was nice to have an outlet and to feel like I had some interaction with the instructors. They’re so friendly. I felt like I had a workout buddy.”

Gaining self-confidence

“I’ve been able to try so many workouts across different genres, without the anxiety or intimidation that sometimes comes with being a beginner in an in-person class,” Jane said. She has tons of Wellbeats favorites saved in her library named “At Work,” “Dance Party!” “Pilates,” “Recipes,” and “Stretch and Recovery.”

Yoga is a great example of Jane’s comfort level boost.

“Yoga is an intimidating type of exercise if you’re a beginner,” Jane said. “I’ve done in-person classes, and I can’t keep up with the yogis. But I really enjoy learning the moves. With Wellbeats, I could pause and rewind, and I’ve been able to learn the basics of yoga and Pilates with no self-consciousness.”

Increasing strength and stamina

As an above-average Wellbeats user, Jane has gained a deep understanding of Wellbeats’ content and variety of classes.

“It’s been really wonderful to be in an environment that champions wellness,” Jane said.

Not only has Jane’s confidence improved, her ability to exercise regularly has increased her strength and stamina.

“I do not have a fitness background, nor am I particularly athletic. But Wellbeats met me where I was at,” Jane said. “Because I was able to learn some new exercises and build my strength with Wellbeats while I was at home, I feel like I have more familiarity with the different muscle groups, and I feel stronger than I did going into the pandemic. Now I have the stamina to hold my own in a group fitness class, and it’s a new feeling for me. I have Wellbeats to thank for that.”

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About Wellbeats, a LifeSpeak company

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