Mindfulness is key to mental wellbeing—both at home and at work. Incorporating mindfulness at work can help you experience better concentration, more creativity, and decreased stress, among other benefits.

Prioritizing your mental health and physical wellbeing at work can help you have a more satisfying, enjoyable, and successful experience. Consider using mindfulness at work as a tool to stay present and engaged in your workday while supporting your overall health.

Wellbeats instructor Nate M. leads Reduce Tension while standing in front of a desk.
Reduce Tension with Nate M.

What Is Mindfulness?

A form of mental training, mindfulness is the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of awareness of your thoughts, emotions, or experiences in the present moment. This versatile tool can be used to lower the body’s stress response.

Benefits of Mindfulness at Work

The benefits of practicing mindfulness include the following:

In the workplace, these benefits of mindfulness can translate into a stronger ability to focus, more creative solutions to problem-solving, more authentic connections, and better leadership skills. Additionally, taking regular breaks throughout the workday can help prevent fatigue and burnout while boosting productivity by improving motivation and increasing energy.

Wellbeats instructor Greta W. leads Clear Your Mind class while standing in an office workspace.
Clear Your Mind with Greta W.

Use Your Five Senses to Practice Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness practice can be done anytime and anywhere—even just one minute at a time! Engage your five sense to become more present and mindful during the workday, and explore our other workday wellness tips.

Focusing on the five senses is an effective tool for drawing your attention to the present moment.

Wellbeats instructor Chance Y. sits in a desk chair to lead Brain Recharge class.
Brain Recharge with Chance Y.

Practice Mindfulness at Work with Wellbeats

With Wellbeats, virtual access to meditation, yoga, and stress reduction classes can improve your mood and mindset at work and at home. With classes and programs focused on meditation, breathing techniques, and more, Wellbeats’ mindfulness classes include something for everyone. Explore our mindfulness collection, or try one of the classes below.

Reduce Tension with Nate M.

Anytime you need to reduce tension, try this simple two-minute tense and release technique to relax your muscles, reset your brain, and help you feel more positive and relaxed. Already a Wellbeats member? Try Reduce Tension with Nate M. now.

Clear Your Mind with Greta W.

Need a recharge? This quick mindfulness break is perfect to clear your head and refocus with effective breathing techniques. Already a Wellbeats member? Try Clear Your Mind with Greta W. now.

Brain Recharge with Chance Y.

If you feel your concentration slipping, this two-minute alternate nostril breathing helps balance the left and right sides of your brain. Use this technique to increase energy, induce calm or boost your thinking. Already a Wellbeats member? Try Brain Recharge with Chance Y. now.

About Wellbeats, a LifeSpeak company

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